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A whipping bench. Illustration from the novel Nell in Bridewell.
A specially designed bondage table.

Spanking furniture is furniture specially designed to aid in giving a person a spanking. The spankee is typically restrained to this item of special furniture (see spanking in bondage).


History of spanking furniture

In the Middle Ages, ingenious craftsmen built all varieties of (usually wooden) objects, such as the stocks, designed to restrain a delinquent for corporal punishment.

For corporal punishment in prisons, reformatories and similar institutions, birching horses and similar devices were built. Schools, such as Eton, often had a birching block over which students were laid to be chastised.

In some countries, such as Malaysia and Singapore, there are special caning frames used for judicial corporal punishment up to the present day.

Using normal furniture for spanking

A chair used as spanking furniture for the bent-over-object position.

Many pieces of ordinary furniture such as chairs, stools, pouffes, piano benches, barstools, tables, desks, couches, sofas, beds, etc. can also be used for positioning the spankee in a position well-suited for spanking. Cushions, bolsters, rolled-up blankets and pillows are often used to make the position more comfortable for lengthy sessions; in addition, they push the bottom higher up and thus make it more spankable.

Also gymnastics apparatuses such as vaulting-bucks, vaulting horses or vaulting tables can be used well for spanking.

Modern spanking furniture

Today, spanking furniture is mainly built for BDSM play. The market for such furniture is comparatively small and commercial pieces sell mostly to BDSM studios.

In practice, spanking fans who need an item of spanking furniture, such as a spanking bench or a spreadeagle table, often build these themselves, or find a friend who is skilled in the crafts of carpentry, sewing, leatherworks and/or upholstering.

In BDSM play, bondage is popular to enhance the experience of a spanking. For example, the spankee can be bound to a St. Andrews Cross. Ropes, handcuffs, straps, belts, bondage tape and similar utilities can be used to restrain the spankee's arms and legs and to keep him or her tied in position.

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