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A portion of the street, with red lights and prostitutes visible.

The Aarschotstraat (Dutch) or Rue d'Aerschot (French) is a street in Brussels, Belgium known as a hotspot of the city's underground nightlife and famous for its brothels. The street is also known for inexpensive lodging.

It is located next to North Station, one of the three main train stations in Brussels.

It is not far from the city centre of Brussels, and adjacent to the financial and business district, where the Brussels World Trade Centre is located.

Formerly known as rue de Cologne, it was renamed the Rue d'Aerschot in homage to the city which has suffered under German occupation during the First World War .


This street is famous for its large number of prostitutes in shop windows along the street opposite the Gare du Nord.[1]

Although widely tolerated by police and local authorities, this neighbourhood has at times been a target of joint government/police efforts to track down human trafficking operatives, mostly aimed at breaking up criminal networks that lure young women from central and eastern European countries with the promise of a better life in the West.

Non-profit associations also operate in the area, mainly women's groups providing support and counselling to prostitutes.


In January 2006 , Francky De Corninck a contractor Flemish already the author of the brothel "Villa Tinto" in Antwerp , proposed to the municipality of Schaerbeek the creation of an institution such as Eros centre could work prostitutes. The institution should have seen the day in 2010 , on the grounds of the carwash at the corner of Rue de Quatrecht and the Rue d'Aerschot from plans of the architect Pierre Blondel. Corninck also hopes to make the entire stretch of the rue d'Aerschot between Nos. 84 and 222 pedestrian and integrate a satellite of police. [2] But the project is subject to a certain reserve in terms of Laurette Onkelinx and Bernard Clerfayt who consider the project not mature enough.[3]


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