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Risa Coda

Risa Coda
Also known as: Risa Koda
Risa Kouda
Lisa Coda
Born: Arisa Kikuchi[1]
October 10, 1985 (1985-10-10) (age 31)[2]
Tokyo, Japan
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 32-23-33
Bra/cup size: C (metric)
Height: 1.63 m (5 ft 4 in)
Weight: 47 kg (103 lb)
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Brown
Pubic hair: Trimmed
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Official website

Risa Coda or Lisa Coda (倖田 梨紗 Kōda Risa?), also known as Risa Koda and Risa Kouda (for softcore appearances), is an award-winning former Japanese model and adult video (AV) actress.


Life and career

AV debut and career

Coda made her debut in adult videos in May 2005, at the age of 19, with the prominent AV studio h.m.p.[3] She continued making adult videos exclusively with h.m.p for almost two years, releasing about one original movie per month. One of her productions from May 2006, I Ecstatically Pleasured Myself in Front of My Boyfriend, uses the documentary format popular in many Japanese adult videos. The plot focuses on her life as an AV actress and contrasts having sex with her boyfriend in private versus sex with an actor in a video scene.[4] In another h.m.p. video, She Loves Outdoor Sex!, released in February 2007, she leaves the studio for some outdoor locations.[5]

Coda also was part of a controversial venture by h.m.p. to offer adult videos for UMD media, the proprietary disc format used in the Sony Play Station Portable (PSP).[6] She starred in 5 UMD videos released between September 2005 and April 2006.[7]

Coda received recognition for her work with h.m.p. from both fans and the AV industry. She was nominated for Best Actress at the 2007 Adult Broadcasting Awards for appearances on adult satellite TV in 2006[8] and she won one of the Best Actress Awards for Excellence at the 2006 AV Actress Grand Prix.[9]

Her last video for h.m.p. was released in March 2007 and she then signed with one of Japan's largest AV firms, Soft On Demand (SOD).[10] She made four original videos with SOD including her playing a massage girl in Super High-Class Soap Lady which contains a lesbian scene,[11] and Super Fucking, Orgasm Climax, 24 Hours 10 Fucks with several group sex scenes including a seven person orgy.[12]

In February 2008, she announced her retirement from AV work in her blog[13] and her retirement video, Ultra-Climax Nakadashi Orgasm, was released for SOD on February 21, 2008.

Other activities

Coda tried to launch a career as a J-pop singer with Sexual Kiss records in late 2006 with a CD single featuring the Eurobeat song "Paradiso" (パラディソ).[14] She used the stage name Lisa and the Maxi CD released on November 29, 2006 also included two other cuts "Baby.It’s all" and "Eternity".[15]

In addition to her hardcore AV career, Coda also has an extensive list of "gravure" videos where she models partially nude or in a bikini. Her softcore videos were usually made under the name Risa Kouda.[16] Coda also starred in a softcore erotic kunoichi (female ninja) action movie directed by Yoshikazu Katō and released in Japan in 2007 as Youen Kunoichi Den: Yamame Hen.[17] It was subsequently released in November 2008 by Switchblade Pictures with English sub-titles under the name Twin Blades of the Ninja. A reviewer describes it as "not bad as it features three very attractive women who can’t act and roll with it as best as they can."[18][19]

Arrest and trial

In November 2008, Coda and her boyfriend, Japanese tennis pro Joji Miyao, made news for having been arrested for drug possession on October 10. Police found "a small amount of drugs - 0.027 grams of stimulants and about 0.7 grams of marijuana" in Coda's apartment in Tokyo. She said she bought the marijuana to use together with her boyfriend because he enjoyed it. She and Miyao met in May 2007 but only started dating in September when he began spending several nights a week at her apartment. According to her statement, she had started using stimulants in August 2007 after breaking up with a former boyfriend and had been buying small amounts from a local dealer. She said that she bought marijuana for Miyao from the same dealer. She was working at a "high-class cabaret club in Roppongi" at the time of her arrest.[20][21][22]

At her trial in Tokyo District Court in December 2008, Coda, who admitted the charges, was found guilty and sentenced to 18 months, suspended for 3 years. She said her drug use was precipitated by a number of factors: loneliness, her grandfather's death, her mother being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and her breakup with her boyfriend in 2007. She planned to return to her parent's home and might go back to her studies. Her mother, who testified for her at the trial, promised to aid in her recovery. No mention was made of Miyao who had a separate trial.[23][24]

A couple of months after her December trial Coda was once again arrested on drug possession charges. At her trial in Tokyo in April 2009, the prosecution asked for two years but the judge imposed a 16-month prison sentence telling her that this was a good time for her to get off drugs. Her fiance testified at the trial as a character witness.[1]

Partial filmography

Released[25] Video title Company Director Notes
2005-05-21 Erotic Cutie
Debut video
2005-06-24 OH! Honey!
h.m.p Girls Tiffany
Koji Matsuda
2005-08-31 I Will Come with Risa! Love Pervert Trip
h.m.p Girls Tiffany
Koji Matsuda
2005-09-21 Happening Fuck
2005-10-31 Little Devil - Fuck'in Pet
h.m.p Girls Tiffany
Koji Matsuda
2005-12-10 Caressing Obscenity…
2005-12-21 Ageage, Peroli'n Party Fuck with Risa
h.m.p Girls Tiffany
2006-02-25 I Love You h.m.p Girls Tiffany
2006-04-10 Wow! Risa On TV
h.m.p Girls Tiffany
2006-04-21 Risa as a Sex Tech Soap Professional
Koji Matsuda
2006-05-21 I Ecstatically Pleasured Myself in Front of My Boyfriend
2006-06-21 Nurse Eight Semen-Drinking Continuously
Koji Matsuda
2006-07-21 Hey! Fuck Licking Night Via Great Risa
Teruo Urakage
2006-08-21 Penetrate Risa Outdoors
Koji Matsuda
2006-09-21 Younger Sister Really Lewd Speech Persecution
Noboru Iguchi
2006-10-21 Ultra Kozenwaisetsu
Noboru Iguchi
2006-12-21 Gal President Doing As Much As Desired!!
Kuroda Shigeru
2007-02-10 She Loves Outdoor Sex!
2007-02-25 Celebrity Signorina, Take Your Shorts Off!
Noboru Iguchi
2007-03-25 Ero-Ero Dancing Queen
エロエロ ダンシング☆クイーン
Kuroda Shigeru
2007-08-16 8 Hard Fuck MAX
SOD Star
Doryu Omokage
2007-10-18 Super High-Class Soap Lady
SOD Star
Hajime Yarigasaki
2007-12-20 Super Fucking, Orgasm Climax, 24 Hours 10 Fucks
SOD Star
2008-02-21 Ultra-Climax Nakadashi Orgasm
SOD Star


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