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This article is about prostitution in the Dutch city of The Hague.

Window prostitution

At what point window prostitution for the first time in The Hague occurs is unknown. Certainly, that window prostitution in the 'Sick' and the Huygens Park in 1911 is mentioned in a debate in the House.[1]

Window prostitution in The Hague now takes place in two separate neighborhoods. Until 1999 there was third, and largest at the time, street prostitution, the Poeldijkstraat in Schilderswijk with 300 windows. These windows were closed in 1999 under unclear circumstances[2] and then in January 2006 on the buildings have been demolished.

The streets where window prostitution still takes place, are:

  • Doubletstraat in the Old Town with 190 windows[2]
  • The Huns Yellow Street and adjacent street in Rivers with 140 windows[2]

Street Prostitution

To inconvenience of street prostitution limit or "manageable" said Hague in 1983[3] a " prostitution area ", out on the Waldorpstraat the Laakkwartie. Provisions were achieved[3] as a "living room" where prostitutes could go for medical care, showers, food, condoms and the like.

Since 2000 was partly due to the lifting of the ban on brothels in 2000 (see History of prostitution in the Netherlands, Law reform), lifting[4] of visas for eastern countries , concentration of illegal immigrants , dealers and junkies , maybe [4] due to low supervision of the authorities, the situation surrounding the prostitution area in the opinion of the authorities unmanageable. Then went Hague in 2006[4] on March 1 on to lift the prostitution area.

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