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Mariko Kawana

Born: November 9, 1967 (1967-11-09) (age 48)[1]
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 33-24-35
Breasts: Natural
Height: 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)
Boy/girl: Blowjob, Vaginal
Special: Bondage

Mariko Kawana (川奈まり子 Kawana Mariko?) is a Japanese model and actress who has appeared in both softcore pink film and V-Cinema and has also been a hardcore adult video (AV) performer and director. She is now retired as an actress and has a second career as a writer.


Life and career

Mariko Kawana was born on November 9, 1967[2] (although some sources give her birth date as August 23, 1967[3]). After graduating college she worked as a freelance writer and in a publisher's Design Department.[2]

AV debut

She entered the adult video (AV) industry with her release, 34 Year Old Mother Mariko, for the SOD studio in September 1999, at age thirty-one.[4] This makes her one of the earliest AV actresses in the "mature woman" or "madame" (熟女 or jukujo) category of performers[5] whose popularity in Japanese porn began in the mid-1990s.[6] She appeared in two early videos for Kuki, one in the bukkake genre (Mrs. Shower No. 1)[7] and the other (Lesbian Heaven Finger Love Vol.11), was part of a lesbian series.[8] In the softcore field, she starred in the pink film 女医川奈まり子 熟女・タブーSEX (Joi Kawana Mariko: Jukujo Tabū Sex?) with Yōko Satomi which was released to theatres in March 2001.[9]

Kawana appeared in the May 2001 of the magazine Penthouse Japan[10] and in December 2001, she received the Best Mature Actress award at the 2001 X City Grand Prix Awards.[11] The year 2002 opened with her starring in a pink film for woman director Sachi Hamano, 川奈まり子 牝猫義母 (Kawana Mariko: Mesuneko Gibo?)[12] and included an S&M role in the kunoichi video Kunoichi Is Captured for the Million label.[13] Kawana had the starring role in the pink film 川奈まり子 桜貝の甘い水 (Kawana Mariko Sakuragai No Amai Mizu?) released by OP Eiga in March 2002,[14] which was a posthumous release of pink film pioneer director Satoru Kobayashi who had died in November 2001.[15]

In November 2002, she was one of three actresses in the DVD "Love simulation game" LOVE TYPE from the VIP studio.[16] Kawana had previously been in an installment of the Wanz Factory series Performance and Direction where she starred and directed,[17] and in January 2003, she again took up directorial duties in AV Made by Women which featured actor Taka Kato.[18] In April 2003 she played the role of the dominant woman in the Attackers S&M video Confinement Insult and in September of that year, she appeared in the Kyōko Aizome directed Lesbian Politicians.[19]

Retirement and later career

In August 2003, Kawana married AV director Goro Tameike, who had directed her in her debut AV and other works, and retired from the adult video industry. She says that her developing relationship with Tameike since her AV debut changed her and that he was her first true love.[2] Her retirement video, Mariko Last Love, directed by Tameike, was released by Moodyz in March 2004.[20] Soon after her retirement, Kawana was the MC at the 20th anniversary celebration for the Japanese magazine "Videoboy" (ビデオボーイ). Among the guests were AV stars Akiho Yoshizawa & Sora Aoi.[21]

Kawana gave birth to a baby boy in November 2004[2] and posed for a "very tasteful photobook", Sex Evolution - Mariko Kawana, during her pregnancy.[22] Since then, in addition to parenting, she has been active as columnist and novelist.[2][23] She also accompanied her husband (who had directed for SOD for 10 years) to the 4th Annual SOD Awards in December 2005.[24] In a different area, Kawana's portrait was on the cover of rice packages produced by National Farm, a company started by Ganari Takahashi, the founder of SOD who subsequently went into the agriculture business.[25]

Kawana and her husband Tameike were both interviewed for Misato Nakayama's study of professionals in the adult industry, 性職者の人々 あの世界の仕事師たち (Sei Shoku Sha No Hitobito Ano Sekai No Shigotoshi Tachi?), published January 2006 by Ohzora (ISBN 4-7767-9229-X).[26][27]

Selected filmography

Video title[28] Release date Studio Director Notes

Adult Videos (AV)

34 Year Old Mother Mariko
義母 ~まり子34歳~
1999-09 (VHS)
2002-03-09 (DVD)
RGO-001 (VHS)
SDDL-123 (DVD)
Goro Tameike AV Debut
Matchless! Beautiful Mature Woman Team
2000-01-22 h.m.p.
With others
Forbidden Private Garden - Kurumi Lesbian Hell
2000-03-05 SOD
Noboru Iguchi With Kurumi Morishita & Mei Sawaga
New Ofukuro San!
2000-05-15 V&R Planning
Eitaro Haga With Haruna Miwa
Mrs. Shower No.1
ミセスシャワー No.01
2000-10-30 Kuki
Beat Masai
Lesbian Heaven - Finger Love Vol.11
2001-01-31 Kuki
Mariko Kawana - Performance and Direction
主演監督 川奈まり子
2001-05-21 Wanz Factory
Mariko Kawana
Taka Kato's Ecstatic Torture 2
加藤鷹のイカせ拷問 2
2001-07-02 Max-A Gash
Hideyuki Gekka With Madoka Enomoto and Taka Kato
Wives Are Often Liable To Be Done ENEMA[29]
2001-07-06 CineMagic Memorial
Noboru Iguchi
GoGo! Ero-Hitchhikers! 2
2001-09-21 VIP Chao
With Aki Sawamiya & Miku Tachibana
Spark 2001-12-27 Leo
Tadanori Usami With Aki Sawamiya & Nori Takada
Matsuno Yukihide's Theory of Corruption
2002-02-19 Cosmos Plan
Matsuno Yukihide
Kunoichi Is Captured
2002-02-22 KMP Million
With Kyouka Usami
Mariko Kawana in a Coffee Shop for Couples in Gotanda
2002-02-28 VIP Chao
Welcome Back Goddess ...
女神再光臨 ~アナタにまた逢えた~
2002-03-01 (VHS)
2002-04-15 (DVD)
Moodyz Imperial
MDI-114 (VHS)
MDID-114 (DVD)
Mr. Watakano Starring Nao Saejima
Horny Women Championship
2002-03-15 (VHS)
2002-05-24 (DVD)
GOD-114 (VHS)
VIPD-095 (DVD)
Takeshi Kase With 9 other "mature" actresses
Married Woman - The Other Side of Noon
人妻昼顔 完全版
Hitoduma Hirugao
2002-04-19 KMP Million
MILV-001 (VHS)
MILD-013 (DVD)
Goro Tameike
Female Doctor
2002-04-27 V&R Planning Vogue
Eitaro Haga With Nao Saejima
Bakuretsu Mother
2002-08-01 Moodyz Quest
MDQ-031 (VHS)
MDQD-031 (DVD)
Goro Tameike With Tamaki Sakura, Yukari Sakurada & Eriko Goto
2002-10-25 Media Bank VIP
With Yuna Akimoto & Kaori Shimizi
Boarding House Widow
2002-11-01 Moodyz Moderato
MDM-070 (VHS)
MDMD-070 (DVD)
Goro Tameike
Enema Shame Zone 13[30]
浣腸コレクション エネマ痴帯13
2002-11-08 CineMagic Memorial
Noboru Iguchi With Rie Nitta & Momo Kawai
4 Hour Ecstasy
2002-11-15 KMP Million
Goro Tameike With Yukari Sakurada, Aki Sawamiya & Tomoko Minami
AV Made by Women
2003-01-19 Cosmos Plan
Mariko Kawana With Taka Kato and others
Very Best of Million Vol. 1
ベリーベストオブ million VOL.1
2003-02-21 KMP Million
Hideto Aki With Nao Oikawa, Sayaka Tsutsumi & Nin Kasagi
Confinement Insult
龍縛監禁凌辱 聖職崩壊の刻
2003-04-08 Attackers Super Special
SSP-004 (VHS)
SSPD-004 (DVD)
With Yuri Koizumi, Aki Sawamiya & Yui Kayama
Sexy Primavera
2003-04-25 VIP
YU-JI Starring Reika Yoshizawa
Ecstasy 2003-05-21 V&R Planning Pandore
Eitaro Haga With Hitomi Shina and Ken Shimizu
Lesbian Politicians
政界レズビアン 女戒
2003-09-19 Alice Japan Babylon
KR-9191 (VHS)
DV-277 (DVD)
Kyōko Aizome With Kyōko Aizome, Ai Kurosawa & Hitomi Shimizu
Mariko Last Love 2004-03-15 Moodyz Goro Tameike
MDY-007 (VHS)
MDYD-007 (DVD)
Goro Tameike Retirement video
Movie title[31] Release date Director Studio Notes

Pink film

川奈まり子・現役熟女妻 奥まであたる・・・
Kawana Mariko: Geneki Juku Onna Tsuma Oku Made Ataru
2000-08-11 Futoshi Sakamoto Xces Film 60 min.
女医川奈まり子 熟女・タブーSEX
Joi Kawana Mariko: Jukujo Tabū Sex
2001-03-02 Noburō Sasaki Film House
59 min.
With Yōko Satomi
玲子の秘密 多淫症の女
Reiko No Himitsu Tain Shō No Onna
2001-10-05 Kunihiko Matsuoka Xces Film 61 min.
川奈まり子 牝猫義母
Kawana Mariko: Mesuneko Gibo
2002-01-18 Sachi Hamano Tantansha
Xces Film
60 min.
With Motoko Sasaki, Kyōko Kazama, Kin’ichi Kusumi, Naohiro Hirakawa & Hidenori Yanagi
川奈まり子 桜貝の甘い水
Kawana Mariko Sakuragai No Amai Mizu
2002-03-09 Satoru Kobayashi Kobayashi Pro
OP Eiga
60 min.
Movie title[31] Release date Director Studio Notes


奥様必見! 川奈まり子の人妻愛モード 上司の妻を辱める
Okusama Hikken! Kawana Mariko no Hitozuma Ai Mōdo: Jōshi no Tsuma o Hazukashimeru
2001-03-23 Mamoru Watanabe Engel 70 min.
With Yōko Satomi
Nude Special Care Nursing Home
2001-09-07 Goro Tameike SOD
120 min.
With Nanami Nanase, Aya Ikeda & others.
Kawana co-wrote the screenplay with Tameike.


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