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Hime Tsukino

Born: March 25, 1985 (1985-03-25) (age 31)[1]
Osaka, Japan
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 82-60-87 cm
32-24-34 in
Breasts: Enhanced
Height: 1.62 m (5 ft 4 in)
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Brown

Hime Tsukino (月野姫 Tsukino Hime?) is an award-winning transsexual Japanese adult video (AV) actress and model.


Life and career

Hime Tsukino was born in Osaka, Japan on March 25, 1985. Her stage name "Hime" translates to "princess" and derives from her childhood nickname.[2] Tsukino is a pre-operative male-to-female transsexual, a person who takes female sex hormones to achieve a female look and lives as a woman but retains male genitalia. The Japanese slang term for such individuals is "new half" (ニューハーフ)[3] and this term is also used for the Japanese porn genre which features transsexuals. It is equivalent to the English porn term "shemale" and both are considered pejorative when applied to individuals.

Although still a niche market, transsexual themed videos have increased in sales and popularity in Japan in recent years.[4][5] Tsukino has been described as "one of the biggest newhalf superstars in Japan"[6] and along with fellow transsexual actress Miki Mizuasa, she qualifies as a true AV idol[7]

Tsukino made her debut in adult videos in 2006 and appeared regularly as a featured performer for over two and a half years. Many of her videos were with other transsexual actresses but she has also worked with mainstream actresses including a December 2006 title with AV superstar Riko Tachibana.[8] In her 2008 video Hime Tsukino's She-male Nampa! You Wanna Check My Thing?, she "goes to hunt amateur girls" at the beach and shows them her penis.[9] In a 2008 production for Soft On Demand (SOD), New Half Public Bath, co-starring Miki Mizuasa, the actresses are at a Japanese public bath where they are welcomed in both the male and female sections (and engage in sex with both clienteles). The steamy action is all captured on "hidden cameras".[10]

Lost Male Virginity With New Half, released in 2008 for the new SOD label Ningen Kousatsu (Human Inquiry), is in documentary style and follows five virgin males who must decide to lose their virginity either to a chubby girl, an old woman, or a slim model type (Tsukino). The video records their reactions as they discover Tsukino's "secret".[11] Tsukino also made two "uncensored" videos (without the usual mosaic pixelation to obscure the genitals found in all mainstream Japanese AV) with Mizuasa, J-Girls With Cocks, for Oriental Dream in May 2008[12] and Red Hot Jam Vol.68 He/She Transsexual : Miki Miasa, Hime Tsukino for Sky High Productions in November 2008.[13]

Although Tsukino sometimes played the active ("male") role in sex with both male and female actors in AV, she definitely identifies herself as "Gender:Female" (性別:女性) in her blog.[2] In a late 2008 filming of a sex scene for an uncensored online streaming-video production, she insisted on remaining clothed "so she can use the photos to show herself as a girl".[14]

Tsukino has twice received recognition for her role in the AV industry - her video How to New Half (produced by Dream Ticket and directed by R40) won the 2nd Place Award in the 2007 AV Open Challenge Stage competition[15] and her ensemble video Shemale & Celebrity was nominated as the Alpha International entry in the 2008 AV Grand Prix contest.[16] She was also crowned as the New Half Queen (ニューハーフクイーン) at the 8th annual contest in 2008.[17][18] At the beginning of 2008, the DMM website, part of the Hokuto Corporation, ranked Tsukino #8 in DVD sales for transsexual actresses on their site.[19]

Tsukino closed her Livedoor blog[20] in November 2008 and announced her retirement from AV work but opened a new blog[2] to keep in touch with her fans. Although retired from AV work, Tsukino did appear in an uncensored shoot in 2009 for SheMaleJapan.com, a US website owned by Grooby Productions.[21]

Also in September 2009, Tsukino was featured in the softcore pink film Hot Audition: Just Do It (本番オーディションやられっぱなし?). The romantic comedy released by Shin-Toho centered on the TV business and co-starred Yuria Hidaka and Ami Natsui.[22]

Partial filmography

Release date[23] Video title Company &
Production Code
Director Notes
2006-04-13 SheMale Jam 1
Glory Quest Maniac Shemale
With another transsexual actress
2006-05-19 New Half vs Ordinary Public Men
Be Cool
With Mio
2006-05-25 Love Juice
ニューハーフ愛液 月ノ姫
2006-06-16 She Male Sadist
Alpha International Shemale Club
2006-08-21 The Very Pretty New Half "Hime" Hard Sexplay Document
2006-09-01 SheMale Jam 7
Glory Quest Maniac Shemale
2006-09-21 Woman Teacher and New Half School Girl
Ken Emanuelle
2006-10-20 The Bride is a Newhalf
Alpha International Shemale Club
2006-11-10 Shaved Shemale - Zoosexual Savage
パイパンニューハーフ獣姦 月野姫
Alpha International Very Rare
2006-12-07 Double New Half
Wニューハーフ 月野姫 もえ
Akinori AKNR
Silvia With Moe
2006-12-13 I, Riko Tachibana and New Half - Female Companion's Jealousy?
僕と立花里子とニューハーフ 女同士の嫉妬?
With Riko Tachibana
2007-01-13 SheMale Jam 9
Glory Quest Maniac Shemale
With 2 other transsexual actresses
2007-01-25 New Half and Good Looking Young Men, Hime Tsukino
ニューハーフと美少年 月野姫の極薄ヌキサシアナル
KTF Factory
Sanada Makoto
2007-02-01 New Half Close Friends Hime and Miki
仲良しニューハーフ 姫&美樹の
Co-starring Miki Mizuasa
2007-04-19 New Half Angel 2 Hime Tsukino
ニューハーフエンジェル2 月野姫
Mr. Impact Bravo
2007-06-01 How to New Half
はじめてのニューハーフ 月野姫
Dream Ticket
R40 Entry in the 2007 AV Open contest
2007-06-07 Pretty Older Sister's Masquerade - Can You Look At My Penis And Help Me Get Erect?
Natural High
With Miki Mizuasa
2007-07-20 Hime Tsukino Is Looking For a Boyfriend!
Alpha International
With Miki Mizuasa & Mana Sakuragawa
2007-11-09 Brother Is A New Half 6
お兄ちゃんはニューハーフ 6
Tokyo Onko
Purio Keiji
2007-12-01 Shemale & Celebrity
ニューハーフ&芸能人激似 やりすぎAV合宿 & 世界のニューハーフ大集合
Alpha International
Compilation with 31 actresses including Miki Mizuasa
Entry in the 2008 AV Grand Prix contest
2008-02-22 Super Miss (New Half) Princess
Batsugun Paradox
2008-03-06 Hime Tsukino's She-male Nampa! You Wanna Check My Thing?
月野姫のニューハーフナンパ! 私のチンポ見てみませんか?
Paradise TV
2008-04-18 New Half Idol Hime Tsukino
Be Cool
Yume Isshou
2008-04-25 J-Girls With Cocks Oriental Dream
Innjean Koga With Miki Mizuasa
2008-06-19 Newhalf 4 Hours
Mr. Impact Bravo
With Rio Hoshino, Rio Kusakabe & Mai
2008-07-04 New Half Public Bath
S級単体ニューハーフ お客さんでいっぱいの健康ランドで公開露出入浴!!
With Miki Mizuasa
2008-08-05 Hime Tsukino's She-male Nampa! You Wanna Check My Thing? 3
Paradise TV
2008-09-26 Lost Male Virginity With New Half
SOD Ningen Kousatsu
With Fusako Tachibana & Mei Asaki
2008-10-20 No. 1 New Half Hime Tsukino Training
No.1ニューハーフ嬢 月野姫 羞恥イカセ調教
Star Paradise Sadist
2008-11-18 Hime Tsukino's She-male Nampa! You Wanna Check My Thing? 4
Paradise TV
2008-11-25 Red Hot Jam Vol.68 He/She Transsexual : Miki Miasa, Hime Tsukino Red Hot
With Miki Mizuasa
2008-11-25 Triple New Half Gangbang Opera Special
With Miruku Aima, Manaka & Mirai


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