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Bondage Adventures issue 6

Bondage Adventures was produced by Harmony Concepts between 1989 and 2001


  • Bondage Adventures #1 (1989) All barefoot bondage. Sensual and exciting bondage fantasies starring Debra Lee, Geri Alcott, Laurel Blake, Gwenn Dee, Tiana Cambridge & Marley Haze.
  • Bondage Adventures #2 (1988) Fantasy scenarios and flights of imagination with Elise di Medici, Susie Marlowe, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Kiri Kelly and Marilyn Dowling.
  • Bondage Adventures #3 (1989) Photographic tales of bondage excitement and drama. Teri Martine, Laurel Blake, Olivia Chase, Linda Knight, Marley Haze, Lorraine Vanowen and Debbie Christensen.
  • Bondage Adventures #4 (1989) Melodramatic photo fantasies featuring a sendup of the classic horror movie genre "The Dastardlly Designs of Doctor Dreadful". Judith Wilson, Teri Martine, Marley Haze & Chelsea Pfeiffer
  • Bondage Adventures #5 (1989) Tales of bondage melodrama. This issue: "Return of the Robot Monsters" starring Marley Haze and Lorraine Vanowen. "She Who Laughs Last" starring Allison Brach & Linda Knight.
  • Bondage Adventures #6 (1989) Bondage adventure stories told in words and pictures. "The Lady and the Pirate" starring Kiri Kelly and "Thick as Thieves" starring Tanya Fox and Tara Noir.
  • Bondage Adventures #7 (1990) Featuring four photo-stories of bondage drama and high strung excitement with Betsy Demont, Kiri Kelly, Michael Keye, Marley Haze, Lorraine Vanowen, Tracy Phillips & Allison Brach.
  • Bondage Adventures #8 (1990) Fantasy scenarios with Whitney Prescott, Jennifer Ingles, Jessica Hunter, Norma Penning, Rachel Wells & Chelsea Pfeiffer.
  • Bondage Adventures #9 (1995) Star Chandler, Sindee Cox, Shannen Knowles, Ariele Cole, Devin Casey, Tatiana Varge, Atlanta Rizzen & Janet Kennedy.
  • Bondage Adventures #10 (1995) Ariele Cole, Victoria Lee, Sylja Kuryakin, Sona Remington, Gina Share, Janet Kennedy, Kristine Imboch, Alex Jordan & Linda Lopez.
  • Bondage Adventures #11 (1996) Tiffany Storm, Gina Share, Summer Rose, Annabel Dayne, Ashley Fields, [[Darla CraneTatiana Varga, Laura Parker & Ariele Cole.
  • Bondage Adventures #12 (1996) Tatiana Varga, Roxy Rider, Carrie Castillo, Ashleigh Rowe, Lin Silk, Pearl Nicholas, Mariah Sanchez & Linda Lopez.
  • Bondage Adventures #20 (2000)
  • Bondage Adventures #23 (2001) Sadie Bell, Cleo Nichole, Andrea Neal, Casey James, Nicolette, Jenny McKay, Katie Jordan, Misty Grayson, Carolyn Reese, Tanya Danielle, Venus DeLite, Loren Chance, Jodi Baldwin, Catalina L'Amour, Sabrina Stone and Lilli White.

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