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The street is the Sidi Abdallah Guechi brothel Municipal Tunis .Located at the entrance to the medina , with bifurcating Zarkouni street, winding street that is a brothel recognized by the authorities. Indeed, rather than prohibit prostitution and risk of seeing the development and clandestine activities and STIs , the authorities chose to implement this system tightly controlled system that is the only legally authorized.



This is a street of fifty feet fairly close. Customers choosing along the prostitutes who work in small rooms along the street.

Control authorities

The prostitutes are subject to strict medical control conducted regularly by doctors of public health to come to different tests: HIV , syphilis , etc.

Under "Employment" of an identity card of a prostitute working in the street, it says "official at the Ministry of Interior". This measure can protect them from potential problems such as pimping and also aims to simplify their specific procedures such as request for an administrative document.

Finally, the street is heavily guarded by police because it is located in a neighborhood of the capital. It carries out regular raids on the premises as they are often frequented by people or possibly sought to exclude minors'

Origins of name

Sidi Abdallah Guechi is the name of a saint Tunisian although there is little information about the character.

Social role

This street is well known in Tunisia and has an important place in society Tunis. It is attended by different age groups and social classes (most popular). She is also visited by the merely curious.

Jasmine Revolution

Since the Jasmine Revolution and subsequent resignation of President Ben Ali there is public pressure for brothels to close.[1]

On 19th February 2011, about 500 Islamists tried to burn down the brothels in Abdallah Guech Street, Tunis.[2] The interim government promised that the brothels would be permanently closed.[3]


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