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There are a few significant restrictions on advertising your services.

The main area where there is legislation against your advertising concerns telephone boxes, especially those in the vicinity of a school. The Criminal Justice And Police Act 2001 (Section 46) makes it an offence to place an advertisement relating to prostitution in or in the immediate vicinity of a public telephone box with the intention that it should come to the attention of others. Section 47 confers the power to extend this offence to other public structures, e.g. bus shelters, if necessary. There may also be local by-laws relating to defacing public structures, etc. The upper penalties for "carding" are 6 months imprisonment/5,000 pounds fine.

Local papers and newsagents' shop windows offer other possibilities, but they may place restrictions on the wording of your advertisement. There have been moves by the government to get advertising for adult services banned from newspapers, but this is not universal at the moment, and is at the discretion of the newspaper management. Freesheets may be unaffected, as they are not "newspapers".

A graphic or explicit advertisement placed where the public may see it may be in breach of the Obscene Publications Act.

Internet advertising generally has far fewer restrictions. For independent escorts, it is probably wise to have a warning page as the landing page for a website. There have, however, been some spectacular cases in which internet-based escort agencies have been prosecuted using the same charges as are conventionally brought against "terrestrial" brothels.