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Prostitution, the exchange of sexual services for money, is legal. However, some aspects of it and several activities associated with it are not, and there is a mountain of legislation relating to it, both directly and indirectly.

Our guide to the laws which surround paid sex is exactly that - a guide. It does not claim to be exhaustive or definitive, but rather to provide basic information. Each individual case arising from these laws should be viewed in the light of its own particular circumstances.

Anyone seeking or providing sexual services who requires specific legal advice should always contact a solicitor or similar organisation.

Our survey applies mainly to the prevailing laws as they apply in relation to England and Wales; Scotland and Northern Ireland have slightly different systems. All are subject to change.

In the main we are concerned here to note and to outline the relevant laws. There can be considerable variation in the enforcement of these laws, just as there are differing interpretations of them which can affect Court proceedings such as sentencing.