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Cat of York

Cat of York
Contact Details:
On website
Date of Visit:
8th October 2015
Time Spent:
2 hours
Private house a taxi ride from York Station
Description of location:
Nice bright house in quiet location.
Description of escort:
Attractive, bubbly blonde, chatty. Lovely curvy figure.
I had been trying to arrange a visit to see Cat for several years and now found myself able to break my journey to Harrogate in order to fulfil that wish. Cat greeted me at the front door wearing a short, red dress that clung perfectly to her curvy figure. We chatted for a while (she's a real chatterbox and has a lovely Yorkshire accent!) before retiring to her nice, bright bedroom where I lent a hand divesting her of her clothes and she mine. Cat told me that she's probably a few pounds over her normal weight due to an indulgent summer but I was definitely not disappointed. Her breasts are lovely and full and I caressed them as we kissed deeply and then Cat dropped to her knees and took my penis into her mouth. Surprise, surprise, the old chap started to stir and I asked if she'd mind my giving her oral to start with. This met with delighted approval and I opted to kneel between Cat's shapely thighs and began to stimulate her delightful shaven pussy with my flickering tongue. As my tongue continued its work, Cat's moans became louder and she became wetter until she arched her back and cried out loudly as she burst into orgasm. I continued to gently lick her engorged clit as her body shook and I noticed when I looked up that her breasts were flushed red so no faking there!

We then lay in each other's arms on the bed and chatted about all manner of things and then Cat moved her delightful body down the bed and took my penis into her mouth again. This time the stirring continued until I was erect enough to have the condom applied (with her mouth) and then Cat skilfully slipped me into her wet pussy and rode me as I enjoyed the view in the mirror of my erection slipping in and out of her. She started to moan again and said that she wanted to cum again so I gave her gentle encouragement until she stiffened again and another orgasm burst within her so I could feel her contractions. After a brief rest, Cat continued riding me and I started to thrust into her as I felt my orgasm rising until, with a groan, I thrust deeply into the lovely Cat as my semen pumped into the condom.

After wiping me down, we carried on our chat with me fondling her delightful breasts. Then something happened a while later that I definitely wasn't expecting at my age, and that was another stirring of my penis. I told Cat and she grinned mischievously and popped the old fella back in her mouth and again brought him to a fair erection. Climbing about once more after applying another condom, Cat rode me again and had another orgasm. Sadly, my erection started to wane and I told Cat that I thought I could cum again and we agreed to use hands. After removing the condom and applying some lube, Cat started to stroke my stiffening penis before I took over with Cat urging me on and saying that she wanted me to spurt in her mouth. Much to my surprise, I felt the boiling in my balls as my sap rose and then my orgasm burst, Cat swiftly took my penis in her mouth as my semen jetted forth for the second time. Now totally spent, we lay together for a while before I got dressed and Cat kindly drove me to the station.
Most definitely and we've agreed that we'd like to see each other again.