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Luisa - Notting Hill, London

Luisa - Notting Hill, London
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Time Spent:
1 hour
Notting Hill, London
Description of location:
nice tidy flat, lots of space for London and very clean
Description of escort:
tallish, long blonde hair, slim body. Pictures are not too far from reality which is always great.
As it was my birthday week, on my first night in London i went to visit one of my favourite escorts. I have seen Luisa 3 times now and not once have i been disappointed. I quite like it when you go in and they call you by your name i guess that is the girlfriend experience though that wasnt exactly what i was after. Anyway we opened some bubbly i had brought and chatted for a while and touched each other a bit. After about 20 minutes i guess the touching got a bit heavier and it wasnt long before we were both naked and heading to the bed.

What i like most about Louisa apart from her sexy look is her energy. She is full of smiles and is full on for the whole time you are there. I cant really keep up to be honest but i try.

She bounces up and down on you at a rate of knots and flips and turns and is on top then underneath. She seems to enjoy it as much as me and always always make me cum twice which most other girls cant do. I have thought about visiting her all the time but that takes the fun out of escorts I think. might as well just fuck the wife! having said that this will not be the last time i will be back.