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Jessica - Bromley area

Jessica - Bromley area
Contact Details:
Date of Visit:
27th June 2015
Time Spent:
1 hour
80 (I overpaid by £1)
A long way North of Bromley. When they say Bromley they nearly always mean a good drive out to the north in the cheaper areas
Description of location:
council houses for miles and young lads all out working on their cars in the street
Description of escort:
Polish, very tanned, very busty. Lots of makeup and designer clothes and handbags all over the bedroom. Not quite as slim as the pictures make her look. More in the BBW category (but hey thats my thing just not maybe for others)
Oh well I always knew this would be a risk. Her feedback has been mixed up until now so I went in expecting a fairly frosty reception and switched off woman and for that reason I kind of walked away happy.

I could barely decipher where she wanted me to go to for the punt so got her to text it to me. I got there 10 minutes before and texted her to ask for the house number. She came back and told me to wait 10 minutes, but to come to flat ....

I go in and it is all nice enough. Ground floor bedroom and no sign of anyone else in the flat. She is much bustier than I expected but also with a lot more curves in other places - not a problem for me. I pay and she immediately asks if I want owo because that is an extra £20. I decline but still have the expectation of covered oral.

So we start with massage which is good. Her English is limited so every 30 seconds it is "you okay darling". She invites me to massage her back which is fine as we have an hour to kill. Lots of groaning from her and telling me how good I am at massaging her (I was barely trying to be honest).

Then she wants to move straight on to sex. She does reverse cowgirl and then doggy and then when I pull out after a few minutes of doggy she demands to know if I have come. We do some missionary and I notice she is another one who keeps her eyes closed. I ask her about this and say I had seen it mentioned in reviews and the fact that she does not kiss and she goes on to tell me it is because she has a husband and does not want to cheat on him.

So it is rapidly turning into one of the those punts where you feel like you are fucking someone who is not there. She tries to bring me off with a handjob, but the whole thing is feeling less and less erotic the whole time. She still keeps on stopping every few seconds to ask me "you okay darling" in her Polish accent. Then at 40 minutes she calls time on an hours booking. I remind her that I came for an hour and she tries to claim that we started from when I texted her from outside of the house. Eventually she agrees I am right and I have another 20 minutes.

So a condom goes on for a second time and I make sure I come 5 minutes before the end (got to allow some time for getting dressed).


Oh forgot to add as I was getting dressed she starting telling me how she hates Indians, black men and Jews (once she started I kind of encouraged her to tell me all the groups she hates). So if you are not white European or if you resemble a Jew in any way it may be best to avoid her.
For someone who is experienced and knows all the scams and can handle a cold attitude then go for it. She has a great body just you need to give her directions other wise she will just take your money and get away with minimal service. She serves as a good reference for when you come across the good women who do choose to interact with clients.