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Priya - House of Divine 1 NW1

Priya - House of Divine 1 NW1
Website: ... irlid=2630
Contact Details:
on website
Date of Visit:
Time Spent:
1 hour
Warren Street tube station (I kid you not)
Description of location:
Large flat with multiple bedrooms, shower, kitchen, lounge and girls sitting around
Description of escort:
Anglo Indian but she is more of a Brit than Indian and has never visited India. Very very pretty face, very curvy, really nice skin colour and large breasts on such a tiny woman. The pictures on the website make her look younger than she is. She is a good 21 -22 and HoD do not really need to dress her up to look like a young girl. Her hair is now almost shoulder length
Really really nice woman/girl. Very switched on and she graduated in English Lit last summer so she has plenty to talk about. She has a clear idea of which industry she wants to work in but in the meantime she has made a very wise decision to work at House of Divine. Very happy, very relaxed and totally at ease with what she is doing.

She is quite unique and extremely good company. I would never pull a woman this good looking or nice in real life. Where ever she ends up after this foray into the sex industry she will be very popular and very successful.
Yes. I loved her personality and she is stunningly good looking and the sex was good, just she was not always that turned on in bed and lots of lube was needed so she missed out this time on being a great punt. It was at the end of a 9 hour day so maybe at the start of her shift she could be mind blowingly good!