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Super Katie East Croydon

Super Katie East Croydon
Contact Details:
Date of Visit:
Time Spent:
1 hour
Bedsit right next to East Croydon station
Description of location:
Single room in a shared house.It is Croydon so neighbours do not even notice people coming and going in their neighbourhood.
Description of escort:
Young 20s, very good looking Hungarian ( Hungarian DNA in her at least). Very good body.
So I went to the bargain basement that is the slums and bedsits of central and west Croydon looking for a gem amongst the endless bareback offering Romanians. Was expecting to be disappointed but came across a real find. Katie claims on the website to have worked in the US but I am guessing by her level of English that it could be just fiction. Anyway she was genuinely responsive, shy and curious at the same time. Not hardened at all yet and an all round nice person and woman. She needs to be charging a lot more but somehow she is doing quickies in Croydon and does not realise her potential. All services were covered but yes she let me cum on her boobs and kept eye contact the whole time.
Yes very much. Very refreshingly different. Not hardened at all by the job and she seemed genuinely curious.