The Oldest Profession

Karryescort - Hastings, East Sussex

Website: or
Contact Details:
07913 632244
Date of Visit:
Time Spent:
Euston/Kings Cross area (during her tour)
Description of location:
Hotel (one of the chains), comfortable and clean.
Description of escort:
Mature, busty, tanned, just like her photos - except she's lost a little weight so looks even better.
Arriving in to Euston station, I checked Adultwork to see if there was anyone interesting in the area. Karry's profile came up, but I thought she was bound to be booked up as she was only in the area for a few days. I sent a text just on the off chance she might be free, and she replied, "Come on over". Result!

I'd never met Karry before, and wasn't disappointed. She looks just like the photos (no Photoshopping). She's chatty, easy to get on with. A quick shower, and then although I only had 30 mins to spend with her, we had a lovely gfe - lots of dfk, caressing, nipple sucking (she seems to like that), oral both ways. Her bj is really excellent (and I've had quite a few in my time). When I eventually came in her mouth, my head was spinning. That was me completely spent, so we spent a few minutes lying on the bed stroking each other, and having a chat. she was in no hurry to turf me out, and it was me who said I must be on my way.