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Karryescort - Hastings, East Sussex

Karryescort - Hastings, East Sussex
Triple H
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Date of Visit:
Time Spent:
1 hour
karry's playroom hastings
Description of location:
easy to find with good parking
Description of escort:
beautiful woman, with a great figure
karry and i had a relaxing 20 minutes in her hot tub to start our time together, wrapped in towels we made our way up to the bedroom where we kissed and fondled each other before getting on the bed where we continued kissing and touching each other

karry treated me to some deep, teasing oral before i pleasured karry with my tongue giving her an orgasm, when we kissed karry could taste herself as she began to stroke my erection

i told karry we better stop for a moment as i was getting close to cumming, we cuddled for a few minutes so i could calm down a bit, karry got me erect again then slipped a condom on me using her mouth

with karry lying on the bed i entered her and as i moved above her, we continued kissing before i used my lips and tongue on karry's boobs, kissing them and flicking my tongue over her nipples

we kissed passionately as karry held me as i filled the condom inside her, after cleaning up we lay together cuddling and shared a few more kisses