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Olivia - Milton Keynes, Bucks

Olivia - Milton Keynes
Contact Details:
Date of Visit:
22 September 2017
Time Spent:
1 hour
Milton Keynes
Description of location:
Clean, nicely furnished and discrete. With the friendliest and most welcoming maid, always a pleasure to see her happy smile when she opens the door.
Description of escort:
The photos on Olivia's Twitter site, and her profile on MKE tell you all you need to know. A sexy lady.
I first met Olivia last month, and as always was initially nervous at a booking with an escort I have not met before. She calmed me down with a massage before providing a full service, since then we exchanged a few tweets. Yesterday, my second booking with Olivia and all nerves gone. The best sports coaches and managers help a mediocre player to new heights. The best escorts do the same for me. Olivia brought me to new heights. She is enthusiastic, dedicated and the ultimate professional. The earth didn't move in Milton Keynes, but the stars came out. Thank you Olivia and thank you for advising me of your current reading matter.
Yes, definitely recommended