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Karry - Hastings, East Sussex

Karry - Hastings, East Sussex
Contact Details:
0791 3632244
Date of Visit:
19th September 2009
Time Spent:
My place
Description of location:
Difficult to find and what a dump but the bed's quite good lol
Description of escort:
Tall, very attractive with unbelievable curves urrrrrr!!!!!
This date was long overdue as we had been meaning to meet for months. Karry arrived very early and rang to ask if that was okay. No it's not, why would I want to spend an extra hour with someone I've been wanting to see for six months? Karry was wearing a fantastic grey dress that really flattered that fantastic body. She looked bloody wonderful. A brief catch up as we hadn't seen each other for months and then first contact with this sensual bundle of fun. Not going into any detail but God she is such good fun. Dinner was booked for 9.00 and so we had to break. As always with me, confusion set in. Karry thought she had come for a dinner date and I said that I meant it to be an overnight. No prob, Karry makes a call and she is staying till the morning. How good is that?. Taking her to the restaurant was fantastic as she is a real head turner and in that dress...... After dinner back to mine and a long time spent chatting before round two. Again no detail but enough to say that you just can't help but have fun with her. She just goes with the flow and you feel completely at ease. Afterwards, asleep in each others arms all night. This is a real GFE!!!! Come the morning lots more chat and intimacy.

This was an important date for me and Karry knew that and made it a very special time without any effort at all. Thank you babe, you made it a very special weekend.
Er yes I think so. Recommended is a huge understatement!!!!!!