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Karry - Hastings, East Sussex

Karry - Hastings, East Sussex
Contact Details:
07913 632244
Date of Visit:
Thursday 18th February
Time Spent:
2 hours
Euston, London
Description of location:
Hotel room
Description of escort:
Deliciously curvy. If that's not enough of a description then see her web site.
I have seen Karry a couple of times before, but this was an opportunity not to be missed to visit Karry while on a tour to London (which is nearer to home for me than her usual incall location).

I have reported on Karry before, so suffice to say that this meeting was once again a thoroughly enjoyable time. Karry is a lovely person, very straightforward & very down to earth, there is nothing false about her at all.

I had a great couple of hours, as expected & eagerly anticipated, and we made the most of the time available to us. I was Karry's last booking of the tour & I left her preparing to travel home, while I headed off in the direction of Euston Station with a big smile & trying not too look too much like the cat that had just had all the cream!
Oh yes :thumbleft: