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Vice girl murder trial will continue

Published in The Bolton News
23rd November 2002

THE trial of a man accused of murdering teenage vice girl Carly Bateman is to continue on Monday after a day of legal argument at Manchester Crown Court. Geoffrey Porter, aged 40, of Columbia Road, Heaton, denies killing the 17-year-old whose naked body was discovered on a pile of leaves in a back alley off Crawford Avenue, The Haulgh, on November 11 last year.

Carly -- a former pupil at Deane High School in Deane, Bolton -- had been working as a prostitute to pay for her drug habit.

The jury has heard from the prosecution that Carly's "short, wretched life" ended tragically when she was strangled .

Carly left home at the age of 14 and turned to prostitution, the court was told. At the time of her death, the "waif-like" 5ft 2ins teenager weighed just over six stone. She had been living in a Bolton hostel for homeless women.A post mortem examination carried out at the Royal Bolton Hospital revealed multiple abrasions on the side and front of her neck, believed to have been caused by a ligature.

The court has been told that Carly's clothing has never been recovered.


Carly accused 'a loner and drunk'

Published in The Bolton News
22nd November 2002

THE man accused of killing teenage prostitute Carly Bateman is a loner and drunk who would regularly tour the streets of Bolton for vice-girls, a court was told. The drug-fuelled world of Bolton's sex trade was also revealed to the murder trial jury yesterday as vice-girl friends of the 17-year-old gave evidence.

Geoffrey Porter, aged 40, of Columbia Road, Heaton, denies strangling Carly and dumping her naked body in a dimly lit back alley off Crawford Avenue, The Haulgh. Two men riding their bikes found her body lying on leaves and rubbish on November 11 last year.

A former work colleague described Porter as "a bit of a loner". He told the court he watched Porter punch a pile of boxes after he heard a radio bulletin revealing Carly had been killed.

Pues Patel told the jury he worked with him at a Bolton warehouse for around five weeks. Mr Patel -- who said Porter had told him he knew Carly -- said: "He drank all night and had constant time off work. He had already said that he had been with prostitutes and said Carly was a good girl."

Two prostitutes who knew Carly also gave evidence. Carla Conway, from Great Lever, was friends with her at Deane High School. She said: "I used to see her on the streets and last saw her alive a few days before her body was found. She did not look well."


Carly: Her tragic life on the streets

Published in The Bolton News
20th November 2002

THE tragic final weeks in the life of Bolton prostitute Carly Bateman were described to a court today. Her naked body was found in an alleyway in The Haulgh, in the early hours of Sunday, November 11, last year.

Geoffrey Porter, aged 40, of Columbia Road, off Chorley New Road, Bolton, denied murdering the 17-year-old when the case began yesterday.

In a statement read to Manchester Crown Court, Carly's step-brother Paul Ward said Carly had left home when she was 14, "she lived at various locations and on the streets. She started dabbling in drugs from the age of 12, and turned to prostitution to fund her habit. I kept in contact with Carly, and always looked for her on the streets. She was always around the Shifnell Street area.

"I saw her three weeks before her death and she looked very ill and emaciated. She had just discharged herself from hospital. She had suffered from diabetes since the age of four, and because of the drugs she had been admitted to hospital several times. I stayed with her for about 20 minutes and left her on Bromwich Street."

The court heard yesterday that police had stopped Porter twice that morning, just yards from where Carly's body was found and within minutes of her being discovered on Crawford Street at 3.30am, but let him go. At 4.15am, the defendant was arrested on Chadwick Street on suspicion of drink-driving and taken to a police station, leaving his car behind. He was questioned about a pair of white training shoes on his back seat and a pile of condoms he said he was looking after for a prostitute. But Porter was released and returned to his car shortly before 5am.