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Rapist found guilty of forcing himself on Middlesbrough prostitute

Published in The Gazette Live
15th May 2017

Tyne & Wear
A “Jekyll and Hyde” rapist who attacked and forced himself on a terrified prostitute in Middlesbrough is awaiting a prison sentence. Najmadeen Ali-Waice, 42, travelled to Teesside where he picked up a young woman for sex then turned violent and raped her, Teesside Crown Court was told.

He followed her in his Jeep, then pulled over and asked: “Are you business?” They agreed a price for sex and she got into his car.

Prosecutor Robin Turton said Ali-Waice drove the woman to Middlesbrough’s Newport Bridge and into a quiet area. She said he seemed fine at first but changed during their encounter in the early hours of July 22, 2015.

He started to pull her roughly and she told him: “I can move. Just ask me.” Then he “flipped out” as an argument developed and he grabbed her hair, pulled her backwards and forwards and struck her. She covered her eyes, cried out and pleaded with him to stop, the jury heard this week. She was so scared she just wanted to escape from the car, telling him: “Do what you want to do. Just let me go, please.”

Ali-Waice threatened her and told her to “pay some respect”, the Crown said. He forced her to have sex, then asked the distraught woman to stop crying and tried to cuddle her. He said he would give her £5 and offered her a lift, but she refused and escaped from the vehicle. He followed and told her to get in the car to take her home but she ran off.


Jailed: Rapist who attacked transgender prostitutes in their homes

Published in The Evening Standard
12th May 2017

A rapist who attacked two transgender prostitutes in their own homes has been jailed for 14 years. Spanish national Jorge Gil Jawhar, 24, arranged to meet both women at their homes in 2016, attempting to force himself on them as soon as they opened the door.

His first victim, who lives in Clapham, tried to call the police after he immediately grabbed her and tried to kiss her when he arranged to meet in August 2016. When she tried to call officers Jawhar threw the 21-year-old prostitutes’s phone away, pinned her down and attempted to rape her before sexually assaulting her twice.

The following month, he visited a second transgender prostitute in Fulham and similarly forced himself on the woman, aged 35, as she answered the door. He threatened her and forced his way into the flat, slapping her around the face three times before beginning his assault. Jawhar then raped the woman, stealing her perfume as he left the flat.

He was handed a 14-year jail sentence at Isleworth Crown Court on Friday, having pleaded guilty to two charges of rape, one attempted rape and one charge of theft at the same court on Monday, March 20.

Jawhar, of Merrington Road, Hammersmith, had originally denied carrying out the assaults when interviewed, but was later charged. Detectives were able to identify Jawhar following forensic enquiries, and he was arrested on October, 3, 2016.


Pair of madams helped brothel owner who trafficked prostitutes into the UK to run his evil sex empire that raked in £16m exploiting vulnerable women

Published in The Daily Mail
11th may 2017

A brothel owner trafficked prostitutes into Britain to help him make a £16milion fortune, a court heard today. David Archer, 53, used women at low points in their lives and without money to staff a chain of five brothels with an annual turnover of at least £1.6million between 2013 and 2016.

When he was arrested, he had assets worth millions - including four London properties, three in Dublin, and two cars. He pocketed up to 50 per cent of the prostitutes' earnings, and regularly visited the brothels to collect the money. He even monitored one brothel, a property in Fulham, from his East London home using CCTV.

One prostitute saw up to 15 men a day, the sentencing hearing at Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

His trusted accomplices Emma Cox, 41, and Zobia Taqi, 29, helped run the empire which stretched from a two-bed flat in Fulham, west London to Forest Gate in east London.

Police were tipped off in January last year by a victim, who said a woman was locked inside a bedroom at Archer’s home in Wanstead, east London.