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What can be done about the hidden pop-up brothels in Cambridge's CB1 development?

Published in The Cambridge News
14th June 2017

Sex trafficking and ‘pop-up’ brothels are a problem in Cambridge’s new CB1 area, police have admitted. Hailed as a world class development at Cambridge railway station, prostitution and antisocial behaviour have taken root and forced police to increase patrols.

The force says they have called to the development “a disproportionate number of times” to both patrol late-night student antics, investigate the trafficking of sex workers and give advice to sex workers about getting help.

Detective Inspector Nick Skipworth told the News he recently asked Cambridge City Council for support in tackling sex trafficking as part of Operation Mantis and sexual exploitation is now on the police priority list.

He told the News: “Pop up brothels are a sign of changing times – their access to the market of punters and “pop up” locations are cyber-enabled, and, like much of today’s crime, criminals behind the running of brothels, controlling prostitution for gain and human trafficking have embraced technology. These crimes operate behind closed doors, which are chosen based on their location and availability.

“Cambridge city is a fertile ground for this as it has a lot of short-term lets available to anyone who seeks to use them for whatever purpose, legitimate or not. The CB1 postcode is a desirable place to visit, so it has a number of venues to rent short term. As such it sees more pop-up brothels than many other areas.”


'Jekyll and Hyde' Sunderland businessman jailed for raping prostitute

Published in The Sunderland Echo
9th June 2017

Tyne & Wear
A businessman who travelled from Sunderland to Middlesbrough and raped a prostitute has been jailed for seven years. Najmadeen Ali-Waice, described in court as a "Jekyll and Hyde" character, turned to violence after the woman refused to let him have sex without a condom.

"Al-Waice made contact with the sex worker in the Newport red light area of Middlesbrough," said Andrew Findlay, prosecuting. "A fee of £20 was agreed and she got into his Jeep.

"Agreed sex took place with him wearing a condom but he became agitated and violent when she refused to have more sex without a condom.  She was punched in the face several times and describes herself as shouting and screaming.

"It was clear she had withdrawn any consent, but the defendant forced her to take part in two sex acts. "She fled from his car, and ran to another car whose driver took her away from the scene and called police.  The defendant was later arrested at an address in South Shields."

The court hear Al-Waice denied forcing himself onto the woman and had offered her an extra £5 to stop crying. Al-Waice, 42, of Whitehall Terrace, Ford, Sunderland, denied two charges of rape. He was convicted of both offences after a trial.


Police back ‘pop-up brothel’ campaign

Published in The York Press
7th June 2017

POLICE in North Yorkshire have backed a campaign to crack down on modern slavery. This week, Crimestoppers launched an appeal to people in Yorkshire to report anyone they suspect of running pop-up brothels in the region.

The charity said many women from Eastern Europe, Thailand and Nigeria are often held against their will and used as sex slaves at homes which were often newly-acquired properties, privately-rented flats or houses.

Detective Inspector John Paul Freer, lead in force for modern slavery and human trafficking, said North Yorkshire Police fully supported the Crimestoppers campaign to raise awareness of the signs of modern slavery.

Det Insp Freer said: “There is a belief that slavery and trafficking takes place in large, urban cities. However we know that it is a fast growing criminal industry which is very often hidden and is happening all around us in our villages, towns and cities.

“We would appeal to the public of North Yorkshire, if you suspect that slavery of any kind is happening near you or see anything which raises your suspicions that slavery or human trafficking is taking place, please report it to North Yorkshire Police.”