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Four women arrested on suspicion of running brothel in Sittingbourne

Published in The Kent Messenger
22nd March 2017

Four women have been arrested on suspicion of running a brothel in Sittingbourne.

The arrests were made by officers from the Swale Community Policing Team at two addresses in Burley Road shortly after 11am yesterday.

They were visiting the houses after receiving reports that they were being used as brothels.

Three of the women are from Sittingbourne and aged 30, 43 and 47.

A 51-year-old woman from London was also arrested.

They have all been bailed, pending further enquiries, until Tuesday, March 28.


Was killer trying to cover their tracks? New evidence suggests postcard 'sent by a young woman' who disappeared 20 years ago was FORGED to make her family believe she was still alive

Published in The Daily Mail
20th March 2017

Murder detectives probing the case of a prostitute who went missing 20 years ago have uncovered new evidence that could help solve the mystery.

Sally Ann John was working in Swindon's red light district when she vanished aged 23 on September 8 1995. Her disappearance was initially treated as a missing person's inquiry but detectives launched a murder investigation in 2014.

Now police have unearthed a postcard they believe was sent from London by an unknown person pretending to be Miss John. Wiltshire Police told MailOnline they had the letter analysed by a handwriting expert who said it was not written by the young prostitute. This suggests that somebody was trying to cover their tracks by forging a letter - presumably to make her family believe she was alive and well in the capital. But police do not know who sent the letter meaning their hunt for a main suspect goes on.

Detectives revealed the postcard on BBC One's Crimewatch tonight. It reads: 'Dear Clive, Thought I'd write as I've heard you've been missing me and that you were rather worried something had happened to me. As you can see I'm in London now. But no one compares to you Big Boy, Love Sally, xxxxxx'

Miss John's mother Lesley told the programme: 'It's a horrible feeling that your daughter may have been murdered or has been murdered because you can't do anything about it, you can't do anything. I just want her found, I really do want her found and whoever did this to be counted for.'


Questions raised after Trowbridge brothel remains open 10 years after tip off

Published in The Bath Chronicle
19th March 2017

ouncillors have demanded to know why a brothel was allowed to continue in a market town - for 10 years after police were first tipped off.

Officer finally raided the 'massage parlour' as part of an operation led by the National Crime Agency into human trafficking. They found a punter with two middle-age English women who told him they were happy working at the sex den in Trowbridge.

The madame was traced as mum-of-two Marion Meyer-Smith, 49, who admitted running the brothel in the flat for 14 years. She raked in between £100 to £150 a week from the two sex workers, both of whom were working in their hometown.

Meyer-Smith, who lives in Chepstow, Gwent, escaped jail earlier this month with a 12-month term suspended for two years at Swindon Crown Court. But the court heard that police had been tipped off about the brothel in Norwood Court by a local a decade earlier but failed to act until last June.

A letting agent contacted the police to tell them what was going on there and got an acknowledgement from the force.