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Former beauty queen turned prostitute convicted of possessing drugs after trying to swallow her stash of cocaine

Published in The Daily Mail
5th December 2014

A former beauty queen turned prostitute has been convicted of possessing drugs after trying to swallow her stash of cocaine. Natalie Gentle, 32, who was once a contestant in a 'Face of 2007' competition, started working as as prostitute from her home in Plymouth, Devon, after she spiralled into a life of drugs.

Police were waiting outside her home in the Ernesettle area of the city when she pulled up outside her flat in a taxi. When she noticed them she was spotted slipping something into her mouth and after officers asked her to open it they discovered it was a wrap of cocaine.

Plymouth Crown Court heard that when police found the Class A drug she said: 'It's only personal, it's only £20 worth'.  After raiding her home they also uncovered items including a pipe, tin foil and a knife and she was later evicted after plaguing her neighbours with her sexual activities.

Gentle pleaded guilty in court to possession and was given a two-year conditional discharge.

Alistair Verheijen, of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: 'On August 6 police attended Miss Gentle's residence but she wasn't home. The police officers saw her arrive, and noted that she had noticed them. Immediately her body language changed, and she put something into her mouth. Police asked her to open her mouth where they found a wrap. She then said - "it's only personal, it's only £20 worth". Examination later revealed that the wrap contained 0.47g of cocaine.'


Prostitution-free zone for Hull's Hessle Road is a UK first

Published in The Hull Daily Mail
4th December 2014

A PROSTITUTION-FREE zone has been created in Hull. In a landmark ruling, prostitutes and kerb-crawlers found in the area around Hessle Road will be arrested and forced to appear in court.

Hull City Council has been granted the injunction order under Section 222 of the Local Government Act 1972, banning prostitution in the area surrounding Hessle Road. It is the first time the orders have been used to tackle prostitutes anywhere in the country. Residents living in the area have complained about people having sex in broad daylight – including in their gardens.

The injunction order was granted by Recorder Paul Miller at Hull County Court yesterday and is now in force. It means people caught loitering or soliciting for the purpose of prostitution, or those approaching prostitutes within the zone, will face court action. Those caught having sex, urinating, defecating or exposing themselves will also face action under the orders.

Graham Paddock, the council's neighbourhood nuisance team leader, said the ruling was a great result for the community, which has been blighted by the problems for more than a decade. He said: "The way we have tried to tackle the problem of prostitution up to now has had limited success so hopefully this approach will stamp out the problem.

"This has been such an ongoing problem and we have needed to think outside the box. I believe this is the first time these powers have been used to deal with prostitution." Notices publicising the order will begin being displayed in the area this week.


Martin Ackroyd murder trial: Woman accused of killing said 'I was threatened too'

Published in The Huddersfield Daily Examiner
4th December 2014

A woman accused of involvement in a brutal murder told police that the killer had threatened to do the same to her. Nicola Bedford was quizzed about the killing of 50-year-old Martin Ackroyd following her arrest in May, but she claimed she was not in the room when he was murdered by Surjit Singh Sidhu.

Sidhu, 49, had been awaiting trial in relation to previous incidents involving Mr Ackroyd and 30-year-old Nicola Bedford, but in her police interviews she said that Sidhu had been invited to the flat on April 30 so that things could be sorted out between them all.

Bedford, who denies the murder charge, claimed that they were all drinking together and that Mr Ackroyd had told Sidhu about his plan to use some compensation money from a previous assault to help him get a pub and move away.

Bedford, who also claimed that the murder victim had wanted her to marry him, said Sidhu became angry and she tried to intervene as the two men confronted each other. She told police that she went into the hallway because she was upset, but could hear Sidhu hurting Mr Ackroyd.

Bedford said when she went back in Sidhu was trying to wrap a cord around Mr Ackroyd’s neck and she told him not to do it. She claimed that Sidhu threatened her with the same thing if she didn’t get out so she went back into the hall from where he could hear “a horrible rustling sound” as Sidhu put a plastic bag over his victim’s head.