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Dominatrix 'scrubbed man's face with toilet brush' while male friends stole from him

Published in The Daily Star
25th June 2014

A MAN "tortured" by a prostitute and two men told a court how he feared his penis would be cut off during a dominatrix sex session. The victim described his "fear" during the ordeal in which he was forced to strip naked, wear women's underwear and scrub his face with a toilet brush.

Prostitute Sinead Nijjer, 20, – known for offering domineering sex sessions – filmed the ordeal in which the male victim had a knife held to his throat and had his car keys and mobile phone taken away.

Leam Ryan and Rico Awad helped hold the man prisoner and threatened to put the footage online, the court heard.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was only able to escape when he exaggerated breathing difficulties he was having and one of the men called 999 for an ambulance.

The group became panicked and one of the men said to him: "I’m a Muslim too, after all this is finished we are going to go to the mosque together and forget all of this happened. Just don’t die on me."

Giving evidence from behind a screen at Aylesbury Crown Court, the man told how he pretended to be a semi-professional footballer to impress dominatrix Nijjer. "I wanted to impress her, I thought if I told her my real job she might think I was a loser," he said.


Former Gloucester prostitute and drug addict aims to become counsellor

Published in The Gloucester Citizen
25th June 2014

A FORMER prostitute and drug addict, who spent £1,000 a week on crack cocaine and heroin, told a court she was turning her life around. Candis Coopey said she was away from bad influences in her life and was hoping to return to return to college in September to become a counsellor.

The 22-year-old, who previously lived in Gloucester but has since moved to Walsall in the West Midlands, was sentenced to a community order in April after she pleaded guilty to two counts of theft. When she stole £10 from a man on February 10 and £50 the following day it was her latest in a long list of thefts as she stole and walked the streets in a bid to pay for drugs.

During a review of her progress, Gloucester Crown Court, heard from probation officers who said she was doing fantastically well in her progress.

Coopey said she had struggled paying compensation at £5 per week since her benefits had been cut. The court heard that after paying off her crisis loans she was left with just £2 for food.

Judge Jamie Tabor QC reduced her payments to £1 per week and praised her for her work. He said: “This is not the Miss Coopey I know of old. Nothing heartens me more than someone getting out of the depths of despair and making something of their life.”

Rachel Wilson case: Police 'closer than any other time'

Published by The BBC
24th June 2014

Cleveland Police is "closer than at any other time" to finding the killer of a woman who went missing 12 years ago, it has said. Rachel Wilson had been working as a prostitute in Middlesbrough when she went missing in May 2002.  Her remains were found in a secluded location on the outskirts of the town in June 2012.

Det Insp Andy Greenwood said officers had "identified witnesses who had moved the investigation forward". "We are now closer to finding out what happened to Rachel than at any other time," he said.

Ms Wilson, 19, from Grove Hill, was last seen in the Woodlands Road area of Middlesbrough.

A "large team of experienced detectives" had worked exclusively on the investigation since her remains were found at Newham Hall Farm, a Cleveland Police spokeswoman said.

Officers were looking at "new and revealing lines of inquiry", she added.