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Women accused of running brothel on Aberdeen’s Union Street

Published in The Press & Journal
1st May 2015

Two women have been accused of running a brothel from Aberdeen’s main street.

Enedir De Lava, 39, and Geisa Domingues, 37, appeared at the city’s sheriff court from custody yesterday and denied acting or assisting in the management of running a brothel from flat 4, 211 Union Street.

They were alleged to have committed the offence on Tuesday.

Both De Lava, who lives at the address, and Domingues, of 44 Armtage Road, London, were released on bail with the condition that they surrender their passports.

They will appear in court again for trial later this year.



Police raid brothel in Slough in road behind secondary school

Published in The Slough Observer
30th April 2015

A brothel has been closed down by police in Hatton Avenue, Slough. A total of 11 people - six women and five men - aged between 20 and 50, were at the address when officers from Slough's north neighbourhood team raided it yesterday afternoon. No arrests were made. But cash and mobile phones were seized.

A formal application will be made before Slough’s Magistrates’ tomorrow (Friday) for a closure order to be issued, closing the address to all persons for three months.

Thames Valley police first identified the premises as a brothel in March. It was being used by prostitutes, some of whom were working along the Farnham Road. Complaints were received from neighbours concerned about nuisance and criminal activity at the address.

Neighbourhood officer for the area PC Ian Whitlock said: “Complaints of this nature are taken very seriously by police in Slough as we are only too aware of the devastating impact such behaviour can have on law-abiding residents. Yesterday’s closure notice forms part of Op Chlorine, which is a dedicated police operation to target street prostitution and associated brothels in Slough.

“The operation targets working prostitutes as well as premises being used as brothels by street prostitutes, these being premises used to take their customers to after being picked up. The overall aim of Op Chlorine is to reduce prostitution and to shut down associated working premises, making Slough an even safer place to live, work and visit.”


Organised crime gangs forcing vulnerable victims into prostitution in Birmingham and West Midlands

Published in The Birmingham Mail
30th April 2015

West Midlands
Organised crime gangs have been officially linked to child sexual exploitation in a bombshell problem profile – and are forcing some young victims into prostitution. The West Midlands Police report also reveals how CSE cases rocketed after the launch of the force’s new Public Protection Unit, with numbers ‘breaching the upper warning limit’.’

The problem profile carries 46 recommendations to help victims and identify suspects, including both police and councils improving record keeping and improve staff awareness through training.

In terms of Organised Crime Gangs (OCGs), the problem profile says: “WMP currently have (redacted) specific OCGs operating within the WMP force area involved in CSE. There are a number of groups of additional people who are subject of intelligence collection plans in relation to CSE and are being considered for OCG status.

“The type of CSE the identified OCG’s and potential OCG’s are involved in ranges from online targeting of children (sometimes for live exploitation) and the use of young people for prostitution.”

The report also highlights how CSE cases may have been missed in the past because of the police’s computer systems. It states: “CSE Special Interest Marker is used on WMP CRIMES system in order to better understand and quantify crimes of this nature. This enables full identification of each recorded crime where CSE has been a factor and regardless of whether a specific referral was made.