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Married police officer Peter Lower denies raping teenage escort and claims she encouraged him

Published in The Western Daily Press
17th September2015

A married police officer has denied repeatedly raping a teenage escort girl who he had embarked on an adulterous affair with. Peter Lower, 52, said she had encouraged him to engage in "rough sex" during their relationship but he had never done anything to her against her will.

The teenager – now a woman in her mid-20s – alleges that the father of two physically and sexually assaulted her over the course of several months in 2009.

Lower, a custody sergeant with Avon and Somerset Police, told Bristol Crown Court that he contacted the then 19-year-old via the Platinum Select escort website because of the "non-existent" sex life with his wife. "To put it in a nutshell I just wanted some sex but I didn't want an affair," he said.

Fighting back tears, Lower told the court his marriage was now over. "I loved my wife, I still do and I thought it was the least complicated way of fulfilling that need," he said. "I had elicited the services of an escort for sex and I will regret that for the rest of my life. I didn't want my wife just for sex. I embarrassed my wife, my children... everything I had worked for.

"I just pushed it all to one side for this girl because I felt morally obliged to help her. Every time I tried to leave her I felt morally obliged to stay with her because of the other men. I should have been giving all my attention to my wife and children and I just fell into this abyss of shame and hatred for myself. I felt compassion towards her. I didn't want a proper relationship with her - it had been toxic. I can only describe it as an addiction."


Brothel shut down and £4,000 is seized in Wallington

Published in Your Local Guardian
17th September 2015

A suspected brothel that was run from a flat in Manor Road has been shut down by police.

Officers knocked on the door of the Canon Court flat after residents gave cops a tip off that sex workers were inside the building.

When they were let in police found three women aged 45, 34 and 28 who were using the flat as a brothel.

The women were given advice by the cops before they took their belongings and left the flat on Tuesday, September 15.

£4,000 was seized by the police as they searched the brothel.

No arrests were made.



Sally Ann John murder inquiry: Three men arrested

Published by The BBC
17th September 2015

Three men have been arrested on suspicion of the murder of a woman in Wiltshire 20 years ago. Sally Ann John was working as a prostitute when she went missing from Swindon, aged 23, in 1995. She was initially classified as a missing person but police launched a murder investigation last year.

Two men, aged 50 and 52, from Swindon, and a 52-year-old man from Chippenham have been arrested on suspicion of kidnap and murder.  They remain in police custody.

On Wednesday, specialist officers ended a three-day search of Ms John's last-known address in Kimmeridge Close, in the Nythe area of Swindon.

She was last seen on Aylesbury Street on the morning of Friday 8 September 1995. Her body has never been found.

The address is close to an area of Swindon associated with on-street sex workers.