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Court told woman was 'raped and forced into prostitution

Published by The BBC
18th May 2017

Nortern Ireland
A woman rescued by police said she was raped and forced into prostitution after she arrived in Northern Ireland from Hungary, a court has heard.

A police officer outlined the case as a man and woman appeared before Strabane Magistrates' Court on various charges. Gyorgy Orsos and Evelyn Covacs, both of John Street, Dungannon, were charged with kidnapping and human trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Mr Orsos, 32, was also charged with two counts of raping the woman. The couple, who are originally from Hungary, were also jointly charged with controlling prostitution.

The police investigation began after concerns were raised about the safety of a woman in Dungannon, County Tyrone, two days ago. A detective constable told the court that when officers visited a house on Tuesday it was in a poor condition. They noticed locks on bedroom doors, both inside and out, and found boxes of condoms.

The court heard there were signs that one room was being used for prostitution.


Carer who ran prostitution business jailed

Published by The BBC
17th May 2017

A "normal family man" who cared for his sick wife and ran a £1.4m UK-wide prostitution business in Edinburgh has been jailed for 29 months. Emil Wakulicz, 32, recruited women from Poland to offer sexual services to paying customers in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Belfast and Newcastle.

Wakulicz pleaded guilty to living on the earnings of prostitution between April 2011 and 8 July 2015. Sentence had been deferred until Wednesday for background reports.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard how Wakulicz ran a 'highly organised' enterprise and had set up a call centre to manage appointments for his employees. The court heard how people would ring through and the operators would "pretend" to be the women who they were going to see. The customer would then be sent a text message revealing the address of the woman providing the sexual service.

Wakulicz was caught after police received a tip off from a solicitor who had bought a property on behalf of the businessman. An undercover officer called Danny called on one of Wakulicz's employees and gathered enough evidence to bring a prosecution against him.

On Wednesday, defence advocate Susan Duff told the court that her client had expressed remorse for his actions.


Rapist found guilty of forcing himself on Middlesbrough prostitute

Published in The Gazette Live
15th May 2017

Tyne & Wear
A “Jekyll and Hyde” rapist who attacked and forced himself on a terrified prostitute in Middlesbrough is awaiting a prison sentence. Najmadeen Ali-Waice, 42, travelled to Teesside where he picked up a young woman for sex then turned violent and raped her, Teesside Crown Court was told.

He followed her in his Jeep, then pulled over and asked: “Are you business?” They agreed a price for sex and she got into his car.

Prosecutor Robin Turton said Ali-Waice drove the woman to Middlesbrough’s Newport Bridge and into a quiet area. She said he seemed fine at first but changed during their encounter in the early hours of July 22, 2015.

He started to pull her roughly and she told him: “I can move. Just ask me.” Then he “flipped out” as an argument developed and he grabbed her hair, pulled her backwards and forwards and struck her. She covered her eyes, cried out and pleaded with him to stop, the jury heard this week. She was so scared she just wanted to escape from the car, telling him: “Do what you want to do. Just let me go, please.”

Ali-Waice threatened her and told her to “pay some respect”, the Crown said. He forced her to have sex, then asked the distraught woman to stop crying and tried to cuddle her. He said he would give her £5 and offered her a lift, but she refused and escaped from the vehicle. He followed and told her to get in the car to take her home but she ran off.