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Only three women in Nottingham cautioned for prostitution last year

Published in The Nottingham Post
25th March 2017

Just three women were cautioned for prostitution in Nottingham last year - and none were charged to appear in court. The figure - released by the Home Office - reflects the efforts of Nottinghamshire Police's dedicated prostitution team to move away from criminalising on-street sex workers.

The dedicated task force has cautioned 580 women and three transgender people soliciting for sex on the streets since it was launched in 2004. But the team - headed up by Sergent Neil Radford - will now only caution on-street sex workers "to try to steer them away from the streets".

The task force is instead cracking down on the men who trawl the streets for sex workers, an act more commonly known as kerb-crawling.

Sergent Radford said: "About 20 years ago we would have prosecuted the women at the start. We focus on demand and the men trying to buy sex. We look at support for women who are actually on the street."

Police cautioned 40 men for kerb-crawling in Nottingham last year. Five of them went to court, and there were eight who there was insufficient evidence to prosecute against. The rest went on a course that costs £240 - paid by the men who take part - which tries to get participants to change their behaviour.


Hounslow 'rapidly becoming brothel-infested borough' after countless massage service adverts spotted

Published by Get West London
24th Match 2017

Concerns have been raised over the streets of Hounslow "rapidly becoming a brothel-infested borough". The fly-posting of massage service mobile numbers advertising what appears to be sexual services is "a serious issue" escalated by the number of minors who can see them.

The worrying message comes after a resident walking with his nephews aged nine and 13 noticed an alarming number of lampposts and streets signs littered with massage parlour adverts. Sightings have been reported along major streets including the High Street, Lampton Road and Great West Road.

The recent rise has brought about fears the borough has a problem with brothels and prostitution. The resident who did not wish to be named, said: "We appear to have a major issue with brothels and street prostitution which has for sometime been undressed and hidden. All along the high street there are fly-posters for 'massage parlours' attached to every bit of street furniture. As a resident I find it an unpleasant sight. I acknowledge work is being done but on a daily basis we have to live in what is rapidly becoming a brothel-infested borough."

In recent days, following numerous complaints to the council, some posters have been removed in certain areas.

He continued: "I noticed that the council has removed the fly-posters from outside main tube station and on some (not all) of the main street signs in the pedestrian High street area. "However, there are plenty of adverts for "massage" parlours on other lamp-posts."


Sheffield sex abuse victims praised for 'courage' in reporting prostitution gang

Published in The Star
23rd March 2017

Sex abuse victims have been praised for the courage they showed in helping to land members of a child prostitution ring behind bars.

Four men and one woman have been found guilty this week of a string of child sexual exploitation offences in Sheffield relating to a child prostitution ring which operated in the city.

Brothers Christopher, Matthew and Shane Whiteley, along with Amanda Spencer and Taleb Bapir were convicted of a total of 15 offences relating to five victims who were aged between 12 and 17.

Sheffield Crown Court heard the brothers and associates targeted vulnerable young girls in Sheffield between 2005 and 2011. Their victims were plied with drink and drugs and showered with gifts, before being forced to have sex with members of the group and strangers. They were also threatened and subjected to violence.

They have been remanded in custody and are to be sentenced next month.

Peter Mann, head of the complex casework unit at the Crown Prosecution Service for Yorkshire and the Humber, said: “These defendants cynically targeted and sexually exploited young and vulnerable girls.