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Hunt for Jack the Stripper - the 60s serial killer who dumped murdered prostitutes naked and was never caught

Published in The Daily Mirror
17th July 2017

Swinging London woke up on April 24, 1964, to the fact that a depraved serial killer was stalking its streets. The body of Helen Barthelemy, 22, had been found naked in an alley. She was the second victim discovered that month and the third since February.

Newspapers had speculated one man was behind the prostitutes’ murders , but no one was in any doubt now. The Daily Mirror’s front page headline was: “Giant hunt for maniac sex killer.”

Like the two other victims so far, Helen worked the streets of West London. Along with Hannah Tailford and Irene Lockwood, she was petite and vulnerable. The killer’s grim trademark was the removal of his victims’ clothing and belongings – even false teeth – earning him the nickname Jack the Stripper.

Det Chief Supt John du Rose, who headed the inquiry, said at the time: “The story of the man who became known as Jack the Stripper is certain to have as prominent a place in the annals of crime as that of Jack the Ripper.”

Known as Four-Day Johnny for his speed in solving cases, Mr du Rose added: “There are hundreds of police involved in this inquiry, more than any inquiry ever before. We’ll get him. You can be sure of that.” Yet they never did.

How did the murderer evade the massive investigation? By reviewing rarely seen case files, old coroners’ reports and the Mirror’s photo library, we can expose a shocking insight into the underbelly of 1960s London.

The Nude Murders reveal a brutal sex trade flourishing on many West London streets, where a man was able to stalk and murder young, desperate women. The victims were prostitutes, around 5ft 1in, whose clients were kerb crawlers. The first two women were found in the Thames; the next four all had dust and paint particles on their bodies, revealing they had been undressed and stored before being dumped in public places.


Underworld Mr Big ordered killing of sex worker to silence her ahead of trial, claims son

Published in The Daily Record
16th July 2017

Craig Nixon speaks for first time on family's fight for justice and hopes new evidence will force police to reopen investigation into the 1991 death of his mother Diane McInally. The son of a murdered sex worker claims he has new evidence which should force police to reinvestigate his mum’s death.

Craig Nixon was only six when his mother Diane McInally was strangled and beaten almost 26 years ago. Her badly battered body was found dumped in woodland near the Burrell Collection in Pollok Park, Glasgow. Two men, Gary Moore and Dale Clark, now both dead, were charged at the time with her murder but never stood trial.

Now dad-of-four Craig claims he has evidence that others were involved in her death – including an underworld Mr Big. The 32-year-old believes the gangster ordered Diane’s death to silence her before she was called as a witness in a court case and may have been present when she died.

Diane, 23, was last seen getting into a car with two men in Cadogan Street on October 15, 1991, in what was then the city’s red light district. But Craig, who now lives in London, says he has information that there were others inside the vehicle that night, including someone close who she trusted.
He believes his mum had information about a murder that implicated the Mr Big, who Craig plans to name to police. He said: “I would like to give the men responsible for mum’s death a good hiding for what they put her through that night. I would like them to look in the mirror and say, ‘That was Diane’s boy.’  But, most of all, I would like to see them stand trial and my mum get justice.


Norfolk police target sex workers in Norwich’s Rosary Road

Published in The Norwich Evening News
14th July 2017

Sex workers have been attracted back on to the streets of Norwich by the recent warm weather, according to police. Norfolk’s police and crime commissioner Lorne Green joined officers in an operation to curb nuisance behaviour in the city’s Rosary Road.

Sergeant Mark Shepherd, who led the group of 11 officers, said the police action on Thursday evening formed part of Operation Wormington which had been running since November. “It’s an ongoing operation targeting sex workers, aggressive street begging, and anti-social street drinking,” he said. Rosary Road has been identified as a trouble spot by local residents who have called for more police action in the area.

“Tonight is about high visibility and giving reassurance to the public that we are there for them,” said Sgt Shepherd. “It’s important that we have the public on our side.” He said the recent warm weather had brought a number of sex workers out onto the streets.

“Our approach is to try and divert them away from this lifestyle as we need to look at the bigger picture. We need to understand why these girls are there and then work with our various partners to get them off the streets for good.”

He said police worked closely with the Magdelen Group and Matrix Project to support sex workers to leave the industry. “Most are doing it to fund addictions and many are working for pimps,” he said. “If we find them working we give them a warning and refer them to the Magdelen and Matrix projects. If caught again they get a second warning and if caught for a third time within a six month period after that they are arrested.”