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Pair who acted as brothel keepers in Derbyshire are jailed

Published in The Burton Mail
24th April 2017

A sex worker and her client were found naked in a Derbyshire flat being used at a brothel, a court has heard. A man and a woman who acted as brothel keepers have been jailed after police raided the Derbyshire flat they were using.

Foo Ying Mee was acting as the "cashier" at the flat, while Feng Sun's job was to answer the door and "keep the place tidy" for clients, a court was told.

A judge at Derby Crown court told the pair that he was sure there were "others above you who creamed off the profits". Abigail Joyce, prosecuting told the court that police raided the top floor flat on November 28. She said: "The door to the flat was opened by Feng Sun and at the address were three other people. The co-defendant was in the kitchen trying to conceal two notebooks and, in one of the bedrooms, there was another female who was naked and a naked man who was sat on the edge of the bed.

"The man was spoken to and said he had been told about an adult entertainment website which he looked at and made an appointment to visit the flat. He said when he got there, the door was opened by Feng Sun who directed him to a bedroom. He admitted he had gone there looking for sexual favours."

Miss Joyce said the man had handed the sex worker £60 and she began to massage him. She said: "A short time later, he heard someone shouting: 'It's the police'. He said she grabbed a dressing gown from a wardrobe and he began to rapidly get dressed."


Southall brothel operating 'for three years' shut down and linked to previous Western Road closure

Published by Get West London
24th April 2017

A brothel in Southall which police say had been operating for three years has been shut down. Officers said a gang of Romanian nationals using a property in The Green were evicted on Tuesday April 18.

The team from Southall Green Local Policing said the gang had been operating in the road for three years. During the time the brothel was open, police said the gang sold sex at three separate properties in the road. Police, as with a previous closure in Southall , put up a poster saying "brothel closed" with "no girls here" at the bottom.

The force believes the same gang is linked to a brothel closed down in Western Road in March, just a short distance away.

Officers said they spoke to customers who admitted paying between £30 and £60 for sex at the brothel in The Green.

The address was treated as a priority for two months with officers working alongside Ealing Council. Impact statements from residents and businesses were collected during this time.

No arrests have been made.


Medaille Trust calls for tougher sentence for Canterbury brothel manager Teng Gao

Published by Kent Online
24th April 2017

Calls for the country’s top QC to review the “lenient” sentence for a man who ran a Canterbury brothel are being led by a charity which helps victims of human trafficking. The Medaille Trust is demanding the Attorney General intervene after Chinese national Teng Gao narrowly avoided prison earlier this month.

At Canterbury Crown Court the 38-year-old admitted running a brothel out of a terraced house for at least seven months. Police raided the building when one of the sex workers complained of being drugged and “savagely exploited”, begging one of her clients to alert the authorities. But a judge stopped short of sending Gao directly to jail, instead suspending a year-long prison sentence for 18 months.

Sharon Benning-Prince, a trustee of The Medaille Trust, says Gao should be behind bars. She wrote to Attorney General Jeremy Wright asking him to refer the case to the Court of Appeal “on the basis that the sentencing in relation to the case was unduly lenient”.

She added: “This does not send a positive message to vulnerable women and especially those where language is restricted and there may be potential migrant status issues. This provides a negative message that organised prostitution and exploitation is acceptable.”

Dad-of-two Gao, who has since moved to Middlesbrough, claimed he did not know sex was being sold at the house in North Lane, which neighbours thought was being used for student accommodation.