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Jury discharged in trial of Ian Barnes who was accused of raping a sex worker

Published in The Eastern Daily News
5th April 2017

A Norwich Crown Court jury hearing a trial of a man accused of raping a sex worker has been discharged.

Ian Barnes, 24, formerly of Herring House, Great Yarmouth, had denied raping the woman on June 4, 2015.

He said sex had been consensual.

Barnes will face a retrial in June.

Man denies raping sex worker in Rosary Road area of Norwich

Published in The Norwich Evening News
4th April 2017

A man accused of raping a sex worker in the Rosary Road area of Norwich has denied the charge, claiming sex was consensual. Twenty-four-year-old Ian Barnes is standing trial at Norwich Crown Court charged with one count of rape, alleged to have occurred in the early hours of June 4, 2015.

Ian James, opening the case for the prosecution, told the jury the alleged victim had dialled 999 shortly after 12.30am. “In her call she told the police she had just been raped,” he said. While the victim declined to make a complaint at first, officers were able to identify Barnes as the subject of the allegations and brought him in for questioning.

By the end of July, the victim was ready to co-operate with police. Mr James said in her interview she said she had “needed a £60 punter that night”.

“Shortly after that a man appeared out of nowhere and asked her to perform sexual acts for money and she agreed,” he said. “She says once they got round to the back of some flats the man had reached into his pocket and seemed to put something into her bag, which she thought was likely the payment. She looked in her bag and found no money but bits of torn up paper.”

Mr James said the victim had started to feel “very frightened” before the man began dragging her down an alleyway and forcing himself on her.


Mother makes desperate plea for her daughter's killer to come forward

Published in The Daily Mail
4th April 2017

Police have begun a new search of the site where a woman who had been a prostitute was found dead 12 years ago. The naked body of Emma Caldwell, 27, was discovered in a ditch in isolated woodland in Lanarkshire by a dog walker in May 2005.

Six other women who also worked the streets of Glasgow were found murdered in the decade before her - leading some to claim there were fears of a serial killer.

Police ruled out the theory and said prostitutes were statistically more likely to encounter violence. But they faced criticism that they failed to fully investigate the deaths and began a detailed forensic search of Emma's last resting place.

A specialist team began exploring the woodland site in Roberton, near Biggar, South Lanarkshire, in a bid to recover items belonging to her. The operation was launched on the 12th anniversary of the day Emma was last seen alive in April 2005.

Emma's mother Margaret Caldwell thanked the police and made a fresh appeal to find her daughter's killer. She said: 'Today is always a difficult day for my family, as we are usually at home thinking of Emma. Every day I think of Emma, every day I grieve for her, as a mother I know my pain will never end. But I am here to make a direct appeal to those who know or suspect who the killer is.

'Please do the right thing, as long as the killer is still out there another life could be in danger. If you are the one who took Emma's life then I ask you to come forward, living with the guilt of taking her life must be dreadful. But if you have no conscience, then be aware my family and I will never give up on fighting for justice on Emma's behalf. We can do no less for we love and miss her every day, not just today.'