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Whiteley brothers used council flat in Sheffield city centre to prostitute vulnerable girl

Published in The South Yorkshire Times
28th August 2017

Three brothers involved in a Sheffield child prostitution ring, who were today sentenced to a total of 30 years in prison, used a council flat to prostitute a vulnerable teenage girl to dozens of men. Shane Whiteley, 30, Matthew Whiteley, 25, and Christopher Whiteley, 24, all of Weakland Crescent, Hackenthorpe, were all found guilty of one charge of child prostitution last month, relating to a girl who was aged between 16 and 17-years-old at the time.

Shane had only been out of prison for a matter of weeks in January 2009 when he started running a business dealing drugs from a council flat in Victoria Court, West Street that he had been allocated on release.  The court heard how Shane used his brothers and co-defendants, Matthew and Christopher, to drum up trade for the cannabis business through the young people they mixed with at Castle Markets.

During this morning's sentencing, Judge Kelson QC told the court that it was through this cannabis business that Girl C, who suffers from learning difficulties, 'was unfortunate enough to fall into [the Whiteleys] web'.

He said: "She was a deeply vulnerable person. She was cynically groomed by all three of you. She was cynically exploited.  She was prostituted out by you for many nights over several weeks."

The court was told how Girl C, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was initially drawn into their 'web' through the affection they showed her. The girl told her mother that she regarded Shane to be 'like a brother' to her, and that she believed he 'would not let anything happen to her'.


Escort and jealous lover jailed for 27 YEARS for keeping lonely pensioner locked in vile cellar

Published in The Echo
27th April 2017

An escort and her jealous lover face a combined 27 years behind bars for imprisoning a “lonely” OAP in a stinking cellar. Susan Garside, 53, who advertised under the name ‘Summer Blackvelvet’, and her ex Anthony Miller, 49, lured the pensioner to her home where he was brutally robbed by Miller and two unidentified masked men.  The elderly victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was forced to stage a remarkable escape from the darkness of Garside’s cellar where he had been left blindfolded, gagged and bound by his hands and feet.

The alcoholic pair denied they plotted the attack but were convicted of robbery and false imprisonment by a jury at Liverpool Crown Court on Tuesday.

During the trial the court heard the men had punched the victim, and cut his neck and ears with a knife to reinforce threats that they would blind and mutilate him.

Today Miller, of Hebden Road in Croxteth , was jailed for 15 years on an extended sentence - meaning he must serve at least two thirds of that time in prison rather than the standard half. As he was led to the cells he shouted from the dock: “I never touched him you know, I didn’t mark him one bit.”

Garside’s friends and relatives sobbed in the public gallery as she was locked up for 12 years.


Man sentenced to four years at Reading Crown Court after duping his victims alongside two other unknown men

Published in The Reading Chronicle
27th April 2017

A GANG dressed as police officers knocked on prostitutes' doors and told them sex work was illegal after Brexit before raiding their homes and attacking a frightened woman, a judge heard.

Stefan-Catalin Dunareanu visited various addresses posing as a client and asking about prices for sex. He then returned with two accomplices all dressed in fake uniforms. They told the women their work was illegal and demanded entry to their homes. When one victim became suspicious and asked for identification she was brutally attacked and knocked unconscious by one member of the group.

Dunareanu was convicted on two counts of burglary and sentenced to four years in jail.

Jurors saw CCTV footage of the 27-year-old entering Luscinia View and New Bright Street in October last year before asking the prostitutes about prices.

Ed Renvoize, prosecuting, said: "As she opened the door two other men came in with him shining flashlights in her face. They told her prositution was illegal after Brexit and began demanding money, identification and documents. The men were dressed in high visibility jackets with police written on them and by their actions were clearly purporting to be police officers. If he was not in Reading on those days, he would surely want to shout from the rooftops about his innocence. He has instead chosen to say nothing.”