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Jury go out in Sheffield child prostitution and abuse trial

Published in The Star
15th March 2017

The jury has gone out in a Sheffield child prostitution and abuse trial, through which six defendants face 42 offences alleged to have been carried out against nine young victims between 2005 and 2012.

Following a six week trial, jurors went out to try and reach a verdict yesterday afternoon.
  • Christopher Whiteley, 23, of Weakland Crescent in Hackenthorpe is charged with 13 counts of rape, two counts of conspiracy to rape, two child prostitution offences, two counts of sexual assault on a child under 13, one count of theft and one count of sexual assault;
  • Shane Whiteley, 30, also of Weakland Crescent, is charged with three child prostitution offences and two counts of conspiracy to rape;
  • Matthew Whiteley, 24, also of Weakland Crescent, is charged with two child prostitution offences, two counts of conspiracy to rape and two counts of sexual activity with a child;
  • Amanda Spencer, 26, of Canklow Road, Rotherham, is charged with eight counts of aiding and abetting rape and 12 child prostitution offences;
  • Andre Francis-Edge, of Wheatley Road in Parson Cross, Sheffield is charged with one count of rape, one count of conspiracy to rape and one child prostitution offence;
  • Taleb Bapir, 39, of Verdon Street, Sheffield, is charged with one count of rape. The defendants deny all charges.
During the opening of the trial last month,prosecutor Peter Hampton identified Amanda Spencer and Christopher Whiteley as the two 'key' figures to have played a role in the prostitution and abuse of the nine alleged victims.


British bank 'identifying trafficked sex workers by tracking contraceptive spending'

Published in The Evening Standard
15th March 2017

A British bank is helping to identify women trafficked here to work as prostitutes by monitoring customers’ accounts for daily purchases of contraceptives, a new report has revealed.

The same unnamed bank has also been looking for payments to “high end restaurants and cheap diners on the same day” in the belief that such transactions could indicate a sex worker dining with a client while her “handler” eats more frugally nearby.

Another financial institution provided 80 tip-offs to law enforcers after identifying accounts which received multiple cash deposits of under £10,000, often paid in anonymously, as well as regular payments to websites advertising “adult services” and flights to Eastern European countries known for sex trafficking.

The new tactics were revealed in a report published today by the Royal United Services Institute at a conference on trafficking attended by Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Britain’s independent anti-slavery commissioner Kevin Hyland.

Ms Rudd used the event to announce a £6 million investment in projects to combat modern slavery around the world. Ten organisations will use the money to perform tasks including stopping child slavery in factories overseas that send goods to Britain and raise awareness of the trafficking problem in “key hotspots” abroad.

The most eye-catching disclosure today, however, came in a section of the report detailing the work that British financial institutions are already playing in tackling trafficking.


Mother and son arrested after police uncover Rushey Green brothel by pretending to be punters

Published in The News Shopper
15th March 2017

A mother and son were arrested when police raided a brothel after gaining entry by pretending to be punters.

Police were responding to complaints about antisocial behaviour and men visiting an address in Rushey Green late at night. Officers knocked on the door and pretended to be punters, and had also obtained a warrant. They detained a man and three women, two of whom were sex workers.

The man and the older woman, who was his mother, were arrested on suspicion of inciting prostitution for financial gain and are currently at a south London police station being questioned.

A spokesman for Evelyn and New Cross safer neighbourhoods team said: "Both the female workers were spoken to and given help and advice on staying safe whilst working in an indoor sex environment. We discussed the options that they had about leaving the industry and gave them a booklet to assist them staying safe. One of the workers was arrested for immigration offences and the other was allowed to leave the premises.

"Details of the visit are being collated and are to be passed onto Lewisham Council for their follow-up in closing the address down."