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Prostitution “hasn’t gone away” despite patrols, say Dundee residents

Published in The Dundee Courier
28th July 2018

Residents in a Dundee area notorious for being a “red light zone” claim the problem of prostitution has not gone away despite an overall decrease in recorded offences in the city.

Figures released by Police Scotland show that there were nine offences reported and the same number detected in 2016/17.

While this was an increase compared to 2016/15, when there was just one offence, it is a significant drop from previous years going back to 2012, when there were 38 offences.

However, residents said they are still seeing prostitution-related activity almost every night.

Police catch men in New Walk area during operation against kerb crawlers

Published in The Leicester Mercury
28th July 2017

Police say 16 men were caught in an operation to tackle street prostitution around New Walk in Leicester. Officers carried out undercover patrols at the end of last month in De Montfort Street to catch kerb crawlers. The area has traditionally had problems with women selling sex leading to regular complaints from residents and business owners.

City centre police commander Inspector Manjit Atwal, speaking at a recent residents’ meeting, said the exercise, over two nights at the end of June, was a success. She said: “In De Montfort Street we have had issues around working girls. We ran an operation on the June 27 and 28. We had real success.

“It was an operation that was done both covertly and overtly because you can have police officers standing there and you are not going to get anybody touting for working girls. If you do it covertly you see a lot more. We dealt with 16 men and they are going through the processes at the moment.”

Police usually issue warning letters to men caught for the first time but repeat offenders can be arrested. Insp Atwal said two of the men were also dealt with for drugs and vehicle offences.

She said she had written personally to people living in the area to inform them of the work that is being done to tackle the anti-social behaviour linked to prostitution - including drug use and violence aimed at the women themselves.


Grim reality of life as a prostitute working in Manchester's notorious pop-up brothels exposed as pimp is jailed

Published in The Manchester Evening News
28th July 2017

The grim reality of life as a prostitute working in Manchester ’s notorious pop-up brothels has been laid bare - as a pimp who made thousands of pounds exploiting vulnerable young women begins a jail sentence.

Police found hundreds of stark text messages - requesting everything from unprotected anal sex to sadomasochism - on Gabriela Diac’s mobile phone. She and her pimp partner Alexe Popa, 30, arranged for prostitutes under their control to sleep with punters at one of four squalid pop-up brothels in Longsight , Rusholme and Levenshulme .

The couple made thousands of pounds from the Eastern European women who worked for them. Many of the women were young, vulnerable and from poor rural parts of Romania.

Text messages from punters ranged from unvarnished requests for a range of fetishes to dozens of pleas for dangerous sexual practices. Many asked if the women were English. Even more asked for unprotected sex.

In one sinister message a potential customer asked: “Would you be bothered if I booked you and I was smoking crack?” The blunt message lays bare the grim working conditions endured by the prostitutes controlled by Diac and Popa.

Living in shabby rented properties, they carried out their duties from dingy back rooms in terraced houses. In one instance, police found two young women living in a two-up two-down mid terrace in Rusholme. Both crammed into a poky room on two single beds, they shared the space with a cooker and a sink.