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Brothel keepers jailed after police raid Chesterfield flat and find naked sex worker

Published in The Derby Times
13th April 2017

A pair of brothel keepers have been jailed after police raided a Chesterfield flat and found a sex worker and her client naked in a bedroom.  Foo Ying Mee acted as the “cashier” at the property, while Feng Sun’s job was to answer the door and “keep the place tidy” for clients, a court was told. But a judge has told them both he is sure there are “others above you who creamed off the profits”.

Abigail Joyce, prosecuting at Derby Crown Court, said police raided the top floor flat on November 28.  She said: “The door to the flat was opened by Feng Sun and at the address were three other people.

“The co-defendant was in the kitchen trying to conceal two notebook and in one of the bedrooms there was another female who was naked and a naked man who was sat on the edge of the bed.  The man was spoken to and said he had been told about an adult entertainment website which he looked at and made an appointment to visit the flat.

“He said when he got there, the door was opened by Feng Sun who directed him to a bedroom.  He admitted he had gone there looking for sexual favours.”

Miss Joyce said the man had handed the sex worker £60 and she began to massage him. “A short time later he heard someone shouting ‘it’s the police’.  He said she grabbed a dressing gown from a wardrobe and he began to rapidly get dressed.”


Brothel keeper who kept more than 100 cars underground fails in bid to clear his name

Published in The Gloucester Citizen
12th April 2017

A Gloucestershire man who helped his ex-wife run two brothels has failed in an Appeal Court bid to clear his name. Phillip Stubbs, 70, of Hook Street Farm, Lynch Road, Berkeley, was found guilty of two counts of brothel keeping at Bristol Crown Court in March 2015.

He was handed a two year suspended sentence and ordered to carry out 250 hours of unpaid work. His former wife, Julie Gatty, 61, was ordered to do 120 hours unpaid work after being found guilty of the same charges.

Stubbs yesterday challenged his convictions at the Court of Appeal, in London, saying he had uncovered "new evidence". He criticised his trial lawyers and argued the fresh evidence could have undermined testimony given by witnesses at his trial. But his complaints were thrown out by senior judges, who said there was "a wealth of evidence" he was involved in running the brothels.

Two brothels - 'Panache', in Highland Crescent, Clifton, Bristol and 'From China with Love', in North Street, Bedminster, Bristol - were targeted by a police investigation using undercover officers and surveillance. Officers and women who worked at one of the properties gave evidence at the trial that sexual services were offered for money.

The court heard there was also surveillance footage which showed Stubbs going to and from the properties with plastic bags. He claimed he had collected money to help his ex-wife, but was not aware the premises were being used as brothels.


Police raid suspected brothel in Stanfield

Published in The Sentinel
11th April 2017

Police have raided a suspected brothel as part of an ongoing crackdown on crime. The house, on Stanfield Road in Stanfield, was raided yesterday evening due to suspicions it was a brothel. No arrests were made - but police are now working on shutting the property down.

The raid came as part of the ongoing 50-50 operation targeting crime across Staffordshire.

Launched last month the initiative aims to target all types of criminal activity across the county.

Superintendent Martin Brereton, head of local policing in the north of Staffordshire, said: "50-50 encompasses all areas of crime.

"In the days and weeks to come there are lots more targets and no criminal should think he or she is safe, we've got over a million pairs of eyes in Staffordshire all looking out for wrong-doing."