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Meeting to tackle ongoing prostitute issues in Southend

Published in The Southend Echo
2nd October 2017

SOUTHEND residents met with Essex Police and councillors at a local community meeting to tackle the growing prostitution problem in the borough. The meeting at Southend Civic Centre addressed the ongoing problems, particularly in Ambleside Drive.

A resident who notified Ambleside Drive residents of the meeting, but asked not to be named, said it was pleasing to hear that the council will install CCTV in the area to help combat the problem. She said: “It’s a terrible problem but you have got to feel for the police as they just don’t have the resources.”

Another resident who attended the meeting, but also asked not to be named, said: “The meeting was very informative. I come out with a bit of hope. I look forward to the CCTV going up. The prostitution problem has got ridiculous. I’ve had pimps approaching me asking me for business.”

At the meeting, Inspector Bill Potter reaffirmed that Essex Police is committed to curbing the crime rate. In a police statement seen by The Echo, he said: “We understand the concern the issue causes to local residents and it is something we are treating as a local policing priority.

“In addition to this ongoing work, I have committed to organising a room in the local adult college where members of the public can come and meet us, and members of Southend Council and other support services can share their concerns and any intelligence they have about the issue.” He added police are working with local charities to assist vulnerable women who have been trafficked into prostitution.


Ambleside residents fume over prostitution in their streets

Published in The Southend Echo
1st August 2017

Residents are fuming over the ongoing problem with prostitution in their neighbourhood, are taking action to try and stop it.
Linda Crosby, 73, who lives in Ambleside Drive, has delivered leaflets asking neighbours to take part in a meeting about the issue in their road and has had a great response. She said: “We are aiming to do something about it, perhaps install CCTV cameras for a start. It’s been terrible lately. There are prostitutes on the corner and there was a pimp just sitting at the front of my garden. My son was taking the car out of the driveway and there he was just sitting on the wall.”

Ms Crosby claimed the police have not responded to residents’ demands to deal the problem.

Another Ambleside Drive resident, who asked not to be named, added: “There’s a lot of prostitutes and dodgy people hanging out late in the night and in the morning as well.” She has lived in the street for ten years and always felt it was unsafe to walk back home late at night. She contacted police in September 2016 to urge authorities to deal with the increasing numbers of prostitutes.

In an email seen by The Echo, the Southend District Community Policing Team responded: “The Community Policing Team try our best to patrol this area as frequently as we can, but the blunt truth is that there are just not enough of us to be able to apply the constant pressure we were able to four or five years ago.


Man jailed for trafficking women into UK for sexual exploitation

Published in The Kent Messenger
31st July 2017

A man who brought women into the country from Lithuania to work as prostitutes in brothels has been jailed for four and a half years.  Romas Drulia moved women between houses in Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham and Maidstone over a period of two and a half years.
Maidstone Crown Court heard the 35-year-old Lithuanian, his girlfriend, Aurelija Antanaityte, and his friend, Tomas Ziemys, also ran a number of other brothels.

The young women would answer adverts for masseuses or vegetable packers only to find they were plunged into the sex trade when they arrived in the UK.  One was taken to a flat in St Mary’s Island in Chatham and warned she would “have a funeral to look forward to” if she did not do as she was asked.
“One was also told by Drulia about girls going missing and having their bones broken,” said prosecutor James Lofthouse.  Others were warned they had to work as prostitutes for four months or hand over £1,000 before they could leave.
Clients were charged £50 for 15 minutes and £120 for an hour. The women had to hand over 50 per cent of their earnings to the bosses and pay £70 a week for rent.  “The girls were left to the day-to-day running of the brothel while the bosses would make the arrangements,” said Mr Lofthouse. “They were told to wear make-up and be nice.”