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Prostitute stole £450 from punter who gave her his cash card for £20 sex bill

Published in The Cambridge News
5th May 2017

A prostitute stole £450 from a punter who gave her his cash card to pay her £20 to stay the night with him. The man paid £40 for sex with Puja Nayar after she arrived at his house on June 9 last year, Cambridge Crown Court was told. He was later duped into lending her his bank card after she said payment of another £20 would mean she would also stay the night with him.

Nayar, of Woodhead Drive in Cambridge, pleaded guilty to theft of £450 and assault by beating at the same court on Friday (May 5).

The 30-year-old was handed a 12-week prison sentence, suspended for 18 months. She was also ordered to complete a 30 day rehabilitation requirement and pay back the remaining cash she had stolen.

Daniel Taylor, prosecuting, said: "The defendant arrived at the victim's house around 9pm, he paid her £40 and then she left around 10pm. She returned around 20 minutes later smoking crack cocaine, while the defendant was smoking cannabis. The defendant asked the victim for another £20, saying this would mean she could also stay the night with him.

"The victim said he had no cash to give her so he gave her his bank card and PIN number, asking her to draw £20 out at the shop and return with the card. The defendant was given the bank card, but did not return."


Police target Scottish escort sites in bid to identify sex traffic victims

Published in The Daily Record
2nd May 2016

Some of Scotland's most popular escort websites are being targeted by a specialist police unit in a bid to uncover human trafficking networks.

The officers scouring the web have already identified almost 3000 profiles, across just three sites, belonging to sex workers in Scotland and are certain some of these are victims of trafficking.

The dozens of sites under investigation allow clients to review their experiences, a system which could further help police with their enquiries. Some reviews on the sites complain that the women can't speak English, act as if they don't want to be there or are so drunk that they can't stand.

Head of Police Scotland 's Human Trafficking unit, Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Houston told The Herald : "These people are very much the victims here.  If you go on to certain sites you will be astonished at the number of adverts there are for persons involved in prostitution."

103 adults and 43 children in Scotland were identified last year as possible victims of trafficking , and of the local authorities who referred them, Glasgow City Council saw the highest numbers, with 10 children out of a total of 15. North Lanarkshire, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Highland councils have also referred victims.

DCI Houston added that it can be difficult to track down victims of trafficking who are used for prostitution as they are moved from place to place to prevent them forming bonds.


Braintree man who 'just wanted a hug' jailed for slashing a prostitute with a knife at Soho brothel

Published by Essex Live
28th April 2017

A punter who slashed a sex worker with a large kitchen knife after telling her he just wanted a cuddle has been jailed. Kevin Bambridge, 36, sliced Marjana Dhima's stomach and leg when she put her arms round him and let him rest his head on her neck. She was left with a scar on her abdomen and is still too frightened to return to work after the unprovoked attack at a brothel on Dean Street, Soho, on January 28.

Bambridge, of Swan Street, Sible Hedingham, Halstead, admitted one count of GBH and was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court on Thursday (April 27).

Prosecutor Christopher Carey told the court that Ms Dhima initially "felt sorry" for Bambridge after he paid her £40 for sex. He said: "Mr Bambridge attended, agreed a price with her and entered her room. He was calm and polite at this stage. He sat at the end of the bed and indicated he did not want sex, but just wanted a hug. She gave him a hug and had both arms around him and she allowed him to put his head on her neck.

'Mr Bambridge only had one arm around her, she had both arms around him, giving him a cuddle. At this point, he slashed towards her with a knife." The court heard how Ms Dhima suffered superficial injuries to her stomach and screamed for help when attacked.

"She had the presence of mind to say the front door should be locked," said Mr Carey. "She pushed him away and suffered further minor injuries to her leg. The victim, by the nature of her occupation, is vulnerable, perhaps particularly vulnerable."