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Police raid suspected brothel in Stanfield

Published in The Sentinel
11th April 2017

Police have raided a suspected brothel as part of an ongoing crackdown on crime. The house, on Stanfield Road in Stanfield, was raided yesterday evening due to suspicions it was a brothel. No arrests were made - but police are now working on shutting the property down.

The raid came as part of the ongoing 50-50 operation targeting crime across Staffordshire.

Launched last month the initiative aims to target all types of criminal activity across the county.

Superintendent Martin Brereton, head of local policing in the north of Staffordshire, said: "50-50 encompasses all areas of crime.

"In the days and weeks to come there are lots more targets and no criminal should think he or she is safe, we've got over a million pairs of eyes in Staffordshire all looking out for wrong-doing."