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News of raids, prosecutions, robberies, assaults etc from the world of punting


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Woman accused of forcing another to work as prostitute alleges 3-year affair with husband 23 January 2017
Women convicted of running brothel from city apartment 22 January 2017
The mystery of the murder of a Welsh prostitute 180 years ago may finally have been solved 22 January 2017
Man and woman accused of inciting girl into prostitution in Scunthorpe hotel 22 January 2017
Aberdeen student given life sentence for raping and killing escort at north-east flat 20 January 2017
Dawn drug and prostitution raids in Doncaster 20 January 2017
Convicted prostitute, 33, is jailed after breaching her ASBO ten times in three weeks by visiting her 90-year-old 'sugar daddy' 20 January 2017
Two women fined for operating brothel in Letterkenny 20 January 2017
Woman ‘forced to have sex with 10 men every day’, court told 19 January 2017
Student wouldn’t have tried to get money to pay escort if he planned to murder her, court hears 19 January 2017
Brothel uncovered in Ennis estate 19 January 2017
Nigerian woman allegedly had 'voodoo process' before being trafficked to Ireland for prostitution 18 January 2017
Ealing brothel man sentenced to prison following reports from neighbours 18 January 2017
Evidence falls short in showing escort was strangled to death in north-east flat 18 January 2017
Human trafficker who brought women to Bristol for sex has MONTH added to nine-and-half year sentence 17 January 2017
Escort was almost certainly murdered in north-east flat 17 January 2017
West Yorkshire brothel owner sent to prison 17 January 2017
Man in court admits hiring a prostitute in Derbyshire 16 January 2017
Man convicted of trafficking women brought back to UK for prison term 14 January 2017
Murdered call girl had “no injuries” that indicated she had been sexually assaulted 14 January 2017
Woman pleads guilty to keeping brothels 13 January 2017
Man accused of murdering escort in north-east asked friend “please help” on day of her death 13 January 2017
Brit arrested in Spain sex club raid over underage brothel claims 13 January 2017
Tamworth brothel manager ordered to pay £40k after police blitz on criminals 13 January 2017
Escort could have died of natural causes in north-east flat 12 January 2017