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News of raids, prosecutions, robberies, assaults etc from the world of punting


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Harrow brothel exploiting 'vulnerable victims' shut down by police 22 August 2017
Liverpool's new 'Red Light District' where sex is for sale at any time 20 August 2017
Teenage escort found during house search in Derry 18 August 2017
Epsom man charged with running brothel in High Street enters plea 15 August 2017
Merseyside's sex worker crisis and what is being done about it 14 August 2017
Brothel in house in Swalwell, Gateshead, brought misery to neighbouring residents, court told 14 August 2017
Picking up a prostitute costs man his relationship - and £500 10 August 2017
Brazilian prostitute (73) guilty of working in Kildare brothel 08 August 2017
Kerb crawlers hit with hefty 1k fines in Birmingham prostitution crackdown 05 August 2017
A Group Of Women Who Were Sexually Exploited As Teenagers Want Their Prostitution Convictions Wiped 05 August 2017
Brothel closed down in Maidstone 04 August 2017
Police accused of threatening sex workers rather than pursuing brothel thieves 03 August 2017
Meeting to tackle ongoing prostitute issues in Southend 02 August 2017
Ambleside residents fume over prostitution in their streets 01 August 2017
Man jailed for trafficking women into UK for sexual exploitation 31 July 2017
Prostitution “hasn’t gone away” despite patrols, say Dundee residents 28 July 2017
Police catch men in New Walk area during operation against kerb crawlers 28 July 2017
Grim reality of life as a prostitute working in Manchester's notorious pop-up brothels exposed as pimp is jailed 28 July 2017
Sex worker spared jail as hammer attack house revealed as ‘brothel’ 27 July 2017
Woman in seventies sought €80 for sex at Kildare brothel to help sick son, court hears 26 July 2017
Couple jailed for running brothel and terrifying prostitute in Warrington 26 July 2017
Hounslow brothel owners who restarted the business while on police bail jailed 26 July 2017
Lifesaving bid woman guilty of Bournemouth brothel charge 26 July 2017
Politicians and police fight prostitution in Barking and Ilford at mosque meeting 24 July 2017
Bradford brothel closed down by police as three women are arrested 24 July 2017