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Police target prostitutes on Doncaster streets

Published in The Doncaster Free Press
22nd July 2017

Doncaster sex workers were targeting in a police operation last night.

Officers focused their efforts on prostitution on Friday.

Posting on the Doncaster Central police Facebook page, they said: "Six prostitutes were dealt with during the operation - three were issued with community protection notice warnings and three were given 48 hour dispersals not to return into the area.

"One male was also cautioned for soliciting the services of a prostitute."


Anti-brothel protest to take place in north inner city Dublin

Published by BreakingNews.IE
22nd July 2017

An Anti-Brothel protest taking place this evening is aiming to force brothels in Dublin's north inner city to close. A group of residents have already successfully forced one brothel to shut down in the Dorset Street area.

The protest which gets underway in an hours time is taking place at the same time gates open for U2's concert at Croke Park. The aim is to get as much attention to it as possible with a wider audience.

Brian Mohan, Fianna Fail Representative for Dublin's North Inner City, explains where the protest will take place. "We'll be on Dorset Street Upper; it will be right beside the Auld Triangle Pub between there and right up Dorset Street, blocking houses and buildings.

"One business has since closed, and they came out and told us 'you've one, we're going. We're leaving."


Hunt for Jack the Stripper - the 60s serial killer who dumped murdered prostitutes naked and was never caught

Published in The Daily Mirror
17th July 2017

Swinging London woke up on April 24, 1964, to the fact that a depraved serial killer was stalking its streets. The body of Helen Barthelemy, 22, had been found naked in an alley. She was the second victim discovered that month and the third since February.

Newspapers had speculated one man was behind the prostitutes’ murders , but no one was in any doubt now. The Daily Mirror’s front page headline was: “Giant hunt for maniac sex killer.”

Like the two other victims so far, Helen worked the streets of West London. Along with Hannah Tailford and Irene Lockwood, she was petite and vulnerable. The killer’s grim trademark was the removal of his victims’ clothing and belongings – even false teeth – earning him the nickname Jack the Stripper.

Det Chief Supt John du Rose, who headed the inquiry, said at the time: “The story of the man who became known as Jack the Stripper is certain to have as prominent a place in the annals of crime as that of Jack the Ripper.”

Known as Four-Day Johnny for his speed in solving cases, Mr du Rose added: “There are hundreds of police involved in this inquiry, more than any inquiry ever before. We’ll get him. You can be sure of that.” Yet they never did.

How did the murderer evade the massive investigation? By reviewing rarely seen case files, old coroners’ reports and the Mirror’s photo library, we can expose a shocking insight into the underbelly of 1960s London.

The Nude Murders reveal a brutal sex trade flourishing on many West London streets, where a man was able to stalk and murder young, desperate women. The victims were prostitutes, around 5ft 1in, whose clients were kerb crawlers. The first two women were found in the Thames; the next four all had dust and paint particles on their bodies, revealing they had been undressed and stored before being dumped in public places.