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Women convicted of running brothel from city apartment

Published in The Connacht Tribune
22nd January 2017

Two women have been convicted at Galway District Court for running a brothel in a city apartment. Victoria Osakpolor and Florintina Croitoru, both of 21 The Plaza Apartments, Headford Road pleaded guilty to the charge of keeping a brothel at that address on September 8 last.

Sergeant Finbarr Philpott, prosecuting, told Judge Mary Fahy that Gardaí had been informed that a brothel was being run at that address. Investigating Gardaí spoke to some men seen leaving the premises and they admitted that they had engaged in sexual intercourse in exchange for cash.

Brian Gilmartin, defending Croitoru, said his client was a Romanian national who was a victim of economic circumstances. She had come to Ireland to make more money – the average monthly salary in Romania was about €200, he said – as she had a daughter. She was no longer living in Galway and had returned from Romania to meet the case, he added.

Judge Mary Fahy said that a lot of non-nationals leave children at home to seek work in other countries. She said that nobody had forced her into that particular work and that there was always a suspicion with people working in brothels that they would move on and set up in a different location.

Mr Gilmartin said his client had lodged a €1,000 cash bond but that her circumstances were poor. She had no previous convictions and had returned to Galway to meet the case, he stressed.

Osakpolor, aged 36, was an Italian national originally from Nigeria with third level qualifications.


The mystery of the murder of a Welsh prostitute 180 years ago may finally have been solved

Published in The Wales Online
22nd January 2017

Exactly 50 years before Jack the Ripper became London’s notorious serial killer, another murderer is said to have killed four people - including a Welsh prostitute. Crime historian Dr Jan Bondeson, from Newport, who worked as a senior lecturer at Cardiff University, has revealed the name of a Swiss gentleman servant he believes carried out the killings after spending years researching the murders.

He said Swiss national, Francois Courvosier, killed two prostitutes, a clockmaker and his own master, Lord William Russell - a murder for which he was executed in 1840. All of his victims were found in a pool of blood after their throats had been cut.

Dr Bondeson started researching the murder of Eliza Grimwood, who was a high-class prostitute killed in 1838. After an evening at a theatre in London she took a client back to her home in Waterloo Road and the following morning she was found with her throat cut and her abdomen viciously ripped.

The murder gained a lot of attention and it was Ms Grimwood’s murder which inspired Charles Dickens when he wrote about the murder of Nancy in Oliver Twist. But police at the time did not link the murder to the killing of Welsh barmaid, Eliza Davies, a year earlier.

Dr Bondeson said: “I started researching and went through the original newspapers at the time which are not available online. Police investigating the murder of Eliza Davies had a misleading description of the murderer.  Several months went by before they knew she had been seen with a Frenchman and it was hinted she had been a prostitute.

“She was described as a fine young woman and everything pointed towards her being attractive and popular. There weren’t many French-speaking men who spoke English and who fit the description in London at the time.”


Man and woman accused of inciting girl into prostitution in Scunthorpe hotel

Published in The Scunthorpe Telegraph
22nd January 2017

TWO people allegedly incited a girl into prostitution in a Scunthorpe hotel, paying her £105 for an hour, a jury was told. Safiyyah Azhar, 20, and Abuld Shahim, 20, are accused of arranging for Jabul Khan, 27, to have sex with a stranger at the Royal Hotel in Scunthorpe while he was away from his wife for the night in the town, Hull Crown Court heard.

Jabul Khan initially told police he had never met the girl – or stayed at the hotel. But when he was picked out at an identity parade he told police he had lied because he did not want his wife to find out.

Khan, of Spencer Street, Kettering, has gone on trial accused of rape denying the offence - saying he had agreed to pay for sex and it had been consensual. He claimed he had been set up by a prostitute who weeks after demanded he pay £300.

Safiyyah Azhar, 20, of Berkeley Street, Scunthorpe, and Abuld Shahim, 20, of Raleigh Close, Birmingham, have gone on trial and deny a charge of encouraging a child into prostitution on October 27 2014. The prosecution claim Azhar pocketed £20 and Shahim £50 – giving £105 to the child.

Opening the prosecution case Crown barrister Gordon Stables said Safiyyah Azhar, 20, had led the girl into prostitution. He said the first incident in time, Scunthorpe shopkeeper Forhad Miah touched the girl sexually in May 2014.

Mr Stables said the girl would tell the jury she had been led to Miah's flat in Scunthorpe to chill, where he began touching her buttocks with his hand. When the girl protested Miah is said to had replied: "Safiyyah said I could."