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Liverpool's new 'Red Light District' where sex is for sale at any time

Published in The Liverpool Echo
20th August 2017

It is just after 10.30pm on an average weeknight in Sheil Road in Kensington, a woman is leaning into the window of a parked up red car which suddenly reverses and pulls into a darkened car park - she follows and gets in.

It is pretty shocking to see a sex worker transaction happen right before your eyes - but what is more shocking is that this has just become a normal part of life in this area.

This week the ECHO reported how Merseyside has more street-based sex workers operating in the region than anywhere else in the country outside of London. And as we drove along Sheil Road on Wednesday evening - it was clear that this area has become one of the city’s main hotspots.

In response to our article this week, lots of readers got in touch to highlight how much of a problem prostitution and trafficking has become in the Sheil Road area of Kensington.

Speaking to local residents, they informed us that the junction where Sheil Road and Molyneux Road meet appears to be the epicentre of the operations. We visited on two separate occasions on Wednesday - 8.30pm and 10.30pm - to see how the operations work in the area at different times.


Teenage escort found during house search in Derry

Published in The Derry Journal
18th August 2017

Northern Ireland
Derry Magistrate’s Court heard today how when police searched a house in the Waterside area of the city they found a 19-year-old Hungarian woman working as an escort.

The revelation came during a hearing in the case involving Jozeph Pinter (45) of Moore Street in Derry where a forfeiture application was being made in respect of money found in the premises.

The court heard that police suspected there may be a brothel operating at the address and raided it on March 27 this year.

They found the 19-year-old Hungarian woman who said she had been brought into to Ireland days before through Dublin.

A search of the premises uncovered more than £1,400, along with 200 euros and more than 11,000 Hungarian forints.

The order of forfeiture was granted.


Epsom man charged with running brothel in High Street enters plea

Published in The Epsom Guardian
15th August 2017

An Epsom man accused of running a brothel has denied the charge. Borys Bobinski, 36, of Station Approach, Epsom, was charged with controlling prostitution for gain following allegations that premises on the High Street were being used as a brothel.

He entered his plea at Guildford Crown Court yesterday (August 14).

Police had arrested a man after being called to Epsom High Street on Monday, July 12, having received reports of furniture being thrown from the third floor of a flat.

While police officers were at the scene, an allegation was made that the flat was being used as a brothel. A woman was taken to hospital to be treated for a cut to her arm following the disturbance.

Bobinski was charged at Staines Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, July 12.

His trial date is set for February 26 next year.