The Oldest Profession


4 hand massage: Massage by two SPs
68: Punter and SP performing oral at same time facing each other lying on sides
69: Punter and SP performing oral at same time facing each other
A: Anal sex
AC/DC: Bisexual
A levels: Anal sex
Anilingus: Licking someone's anus; many more SPs will receive this but far fewer will do it to punter
Around the world: Oral, sex and anal; kissing, oral and rimming
AWO: Anal WithOut condom
Bareback: Sex without condom; some (foreign) SPs say they do it but mean oral without condom
BBBF: BareBack Butt (anal) Fuck
BBBJ: BareBack Blow Job (without condom)
BBF: BareBack Fuck
BBW: Big Beautiful Woman
BDSM: Bondage & discipline, Domination & submission, Sadism, Masochism
BJ: Blow Job, illogical term for fellatio, oral, sucking/licking cock
Breast relief: Tit wank, moving cock between breasts
Brown shower: Hard sports/scatology involving poo
Brut service: Facial, cumming over SP (Brut deodorant advert phrase 'splash it all over')
Bukkake: Several men wanking and cumming onto one or a few SPs' faces
Cappucino: SP taking cum in mouth and dribbling it out frothed like coffee
CIM: Cum In Mouth
CIMS: Cum In Mouth and Swallow
Completion: Orgasm, e.g. OWO to completion is oral till punter cums
Cougar: Older SP keen to see younger punters
Covered: Sex or oral with condom
Cowgirl: Position for sexual intercourse, punter on back, SP sitting on him facing him
CP: Corporal Punishment
Creampie: Ejaculation in vagina (or anus) without condom
Credit Card Swipe: Massage with punter on back and SP/masseuse lets her hand go from top to bottom of the crease between bum cheeks
Cum facial: Same as facial, cumming on SP's face
Cunnilingus: Pussy-licking, oral on vagina
DATY: Dining At The Y; oral on SP whose body and parted legs form a Y
DFK: Deep French Kissing, tongues far into each other's mouth
Doggie style: Sexual intercourse position; SP on hands and knees, punter entering from behind
DP: Double Penetration; one penis in vagina, one penis in anus at same time; could be two penises in same vagina or same anus at same time
Drive Through: Taking SP from rear standing up and pushing her right forward as punter cums
EE: Eastern European
Facial: Punter spunks over SP's face
Fellatio: Oral, blow job, cock sucking
Fisting: Punter or SP inserting whole hand inside vagina or anus
FOC: Free Of Charge
Fluffy: Polite or over-polite pro-SP punter
French: French sex, oral, fellatio
French kissing: Deep kissing, tongue kissing
FS: Full Sex or Full Service
Full service: Usually means full sex and oral
Full sex: Vaginal intercourse
Full strip: SP naked
FWO: French WithOut condom, OWO, BBBJ
Gangbang: Several punters having sexual intercourse with one or few SPs, usually in organised events
GFE: GirlFriend Experience: SP kissing, cuddling punter plus sex
Golden shower: Watersports; SP or punter peeing on punter or SP
Greek: Anal sex
Hardsports: Defecation in sexual context; SP poos on punter or for punter to watch
HE: Happy Ending, at end of massage, SP wanks till you cum
HJ: Hand job, hand relief, SP wanking punter
Hobby: Punting
Hobbyist: Punter
HR: Hand Relief, hand job, wank
H/S: Hardsports, SP pooing in front of/on punter
Incall: Punter visits SP at her home, rented flat, hotel, parlour
Indie: SP working on own, not in parlour or agency
KWT: Kissing With Tongues, french kissing
KSE: Kama Sutra Experience; lots of positions
MFS: Massage and full sex
MILF: Mother I would Like to Fuck; younger man fucking older woman
Mish: Missionary sexual position, woman on back, man on top facing her
MMF: Male/male/female threesome sexual session
Natural sex: Bareback, sex without condom
O: Oral sex
O levels: Oral sex
Open-minded: Term used to hint at possible extras e.g. OWO or anal
Oral sex: SP sucking punter's dick or punter licking SP's pussy
OTK: Over The Knee spanking
Outcall: SP visits punter's home, hotel
OWO: Oral WithOut a condom, FWO, BBBJ
Pearl necklace: Punter cums on SP's breasts/shoulders/neck
PM: Prostate Massage, insertion of SP's finger into anus to stimulate punter's prostate gland
PSE: Porn Star Experience, supposedly raunchier version in some way of normal session
Punter: Man who pays for sex with prostitute
Reverse: Opposite way round to SP doing action; punter does reverse oral on SP, punter does reverse massage on SP etc
Reverse cowgirl: Man on back, woman on top with back to man
Rimming: Licking and kissing anus, more often by punter on SP
RLD: RedLight District, old name for area of brothels or street walkers
Russian: Tit fuck, rubbing penis up and down in SP's cleavage
Salad tossing: Rimming
Sandwich: Double penetration, one penis in vagina, one in anus
Scat: Scatology, hardsports, involving poo
Service Provider: Prostitute, escort, working girl/WG
Sex: Vaginal intercourse
Sixty-nine: 69, punter and SP perform oral at same time, one lying on top of other
SM: Sado-Masochism; see also BDSM
SP: Service Provider/prostitute
Solid sports: Hardsports, involving poo
Snowballing: SP with cum in mouth letting it spill out into punter's or second SP's mouth
Spanish: Tit wank, breast relief
Splosh: Sex session involving food and drink on bodies
Spoons: Spooning, sexual position with punter lying on side behind SP lying on side
Straight sex: Vaginal intercourse
Swallows: SP swallows cum
SWO: Sex WithOut condom, BBF
Teabagging: Dipping scrotum in and out of SP's mouth
TLC: Tender Loving Care
Uncovered: Oral or sex without condom
Urban Dictionary/Roger Mellies Profanisaurus: Rich sources of meanings of unconventional and impolite terminology
VFM: Value For Money
Walk-up: Mostly Soho/Chinatown/Shepherd Market: Open door with 'Model' sign, stairs up to 1/2/3 flats each with maid + SP; only few left
Watersports: Urination in sexual context; SP pisses on punter or punter pisses on SP
WG: Working Girl, service provider, prostitute, escort
With: With condom
Without: Without condom
Working Girl: Service provider, prostitute, escort
W/S: Watersports