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Birmingham Stalker

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Birmingham Stalker

Postby Ms.JessicaJones » 10 Nov 2016, 21:19

A guy calling himself Jazz, Bash and Adam has been calling my phone constantly. He also turns up and rings the buzzer on my flat for up to an hour at a time in the middle of the night, sometimes returning several times throughout the night.
He managed to gain entry a couple of times and has been told to leave by both myself and a male friend.

He is approximately 35years old, Asian, 5'5 tall, speaks with an accent and in broken English. Very quietly spoken, often stays silent on the phone and uses several different numbers.

His most used number is 07817 2415**

Not sure if he is dangerous but he is clearly obsessive.

If anyone else thinks they may have had contact from him please get in touch so we can share information and stay safe.

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